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This page has a list of articles for Sonic Chaos and covers short magazine articles not deserving of their own page.

File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg "Sweet Home Chicago: Sega"
Short article mentioning the game at Summer CES 1993.
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Chaos Blasts Game Gear!"
Short article describing Sonic Chaos's appearance at the Summer CES 1993. The writer mentions the game's storyline, which is said to involve Dr. Eggman using a Chaos Emerald to build a nuclear weapon, as well as Tails as a playable character.
Logo-pdf.svg "The Sega Villiage: Sonic Chaos"
Brief coverage from Sonic Chaos's appearance at Summer CES 1993.
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic & Tails GG"
Logo-pdf.svg "News & Previews: Chaotic tmes ahead for Sonic"
A small news report of Sonic Chaos, highlighting the rocket shoes and pogo stick power-ups.
Logo-pdf.svg "Sneak Peak: Game Gear - Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Master Sonic"
Short article about both Master System and Game Gear versions of the game. Rocket shoes and pogo stick power-ups are mentioned.
SegaMasterForce UK 05.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Preview: Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Zapping: Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Game Gear ProReview: Sonic Chaos"
GamePro gives the Game Gear version a favorable review, scoring a 4.5 for graphics, 4.0 for sound, 4.5 for control, and 5.0 for the fun factor.
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Video-Game Previews: Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Master System Review: Sonic Chaos"
Two-page review of the Master System version. The reviewers criticise the game as too short, having unsubstantial levels with few enemies. Overall the game receives a mediocre score of 71%.
Logo-pdf.svg "ROM Test: Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sega Game Feature: Game Gear - Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Round Test: Sonic Chaos'"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg "Tips & Tricks: Sonic Chaos"
Logo-pdf.svg Tips


Megazone (AU) #33: "November 1993"

Sonic the Comic

Sonic's Triple Whammy

This is a small clip which mentions the game, both ports.

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Sonic Chaos
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