Electric Egg Zone

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Electric Egg Zone
Electric Egg Zone
Sixth Zone, Sonic Chaos
Number of Acts: 3
Location: South Island
Level themes: industrial, cyberspace
Boss: Laser Walker
Non-English names:
Aqua Planet Zone

Electric Egg Zone is the sixth and final Zone of Sonic Chaos for the Sega Game Gear / Sega Master System, coming after Aqua Planet Zone. In keeping with the other stages of this game, Electric Egg consists of two standard Acts followed by a shorter, third Act which contains the boss. Geographically, this Zone is located on South Island (as is the rest of Sonic Chaos).


Electric Egg is a sprawling techno-fortress, and Dr. Eggman's final base in the game. Automatic laser cannons, bottomless pits, and spikes aplenty await Sonic and Tails as they close in on Eggman himself. The Zone is criss-crossed by a network of winding vacuum tubes, reminiscent of Scrambled Egg Zone from the previous 8-bit adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Unlike previous Eggman bases, this one seems a lot more computerized in theme, giving it a techno feel. There are large circuitry panels, and exposed wires.

Some of the laser cannons will ride along a rail to chase down Sonic and Tails and fire at them whenever they pass directly underneath them, while some of them are stationary and assigned to buttons, firing when their corresponding button has been stepped on. There are also slopes which Sonic and Tails can slide down by riding small carts, though all of them will lead to a bottomless pit, necessitating the player to jump out to avoid death. Bridges are dangerous to cross as they will break when stepped on, so the player has to be quick on their toes.

While the first two Acts use original music, the third Act plays a remix of Scrambled Egg Zone's theme, which also played during the intro sequence in the Master System version. In prototype versions of Sonic Chaos, slightly longer versions of the remix played for all three Acts.


Breakaway floors, laser guns and indestructible booby traps are lurking dangerously in this final zone. Conveyor belts make for slippery progress. The Laser Walker can get you with its bounce shots.

— US Game Gear version manualMedia:SonicChaos GG US manual.pdf[4]

Guided lasers guard the corridors of this Zone, and you have to move fast to outrun them. Dodge the robot bombs that drop from the pipes. Use the D-Button to guide your passage through networks of pipes, and grab all the Rings and Items you can. Finally you'll meet with Robotnik himself, in an arena he has prepared especially for you...

— EU Master System version manualMedia:Sonic Chaos SMS EU Manual.pdf[2]

At last, we’ve reached Eggman’s electronic base! But computers dominate everything here, so it isn’t easy. Go for it! And don’t give up until the end! The decisive battle with Eggman is imminent!

— JP Game Gear version manual (translation by greenyvertekins)Media:Sonic Chaos Game Gear JP Manual.pdf[1]


Bomblin — A Badnik that explodes similar to a Bomb.


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