Break Through It All

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"Break Through It All"
Theme for Wyvern, Sonic Frontiers
Album: Sonic Frontiers Original Soundtrack Stillness & Motion

"Break Through It All" is the theme that plays when fighting against Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers. It was performed by Kellin Quinn.


Don't look down

I've been here waiting for the longest time
I can't believe it's real
You lose the battles that you never fight
Can't hide from what you feel
Come on
No more compromise
This is do or die
And now you've crossed the line
You'll wake the beat inside
No more compromise
This is do or die
I'll warn you one last time
You'll wake the beast inside

You'll wake the beast inside

Don't look down

So break through it all
And don't look down
You won't fade out
Cause the fire in you never dies
It comes around
To light the flame
They'll know your name
Burned into their memory
So break through it all
Don't stop we're on a mission
Overdriving over at the competition
Counting up the damage when it's done
So break through it all
We can't pretend to listen
Sorry if it puts you in an imposition
We won't stop until the battle's won

What goes around
Comes back around again
And if we don't come down
We'll be lost in the wind

I know that we will find our way
We'll do whatever it will take

And if we never reach the crown
We'll take the whole thing down

Don't look down

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