Egg Typhoon (Sonic Drift)

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Egg Typhoon
First seen: Sonic Drift (1994)
User: Dr. Eggman
Created by: Dr. Eggman
Not to be confused with the Egg Typhoon (Sonic Unleashed), a wind-based enemy robot.

The Egg TyphoonMedia:SonicDrift2 GG US manual.pdf[1] (エッグ・タイフーン)Media:SonicDrift2 GG JP manual.pdf[2], originally called the Egg Typhoon-gou (エッグ・タイフーン号)Media:SonicDrift GG JP manual.pdf[3], is Dr. Eggman's racing vehicle used in Sonic Drift and its sequel, Sonic Drift 2.


The Egg Typhoon seems to be a less bulky version of the standard Egg Mobile, incorporating the Sonic the Hedgehog 2-style front bumper but lacking the heavy exhausts and rear armour. The original design of the vehicle had additional instruments along with Eggman's logo (seen in Wing Fortress Zone) on the seat, but these were removed in Sonic Drift 2.

The Egg Typhoon's in-game performance varies across games. In Sonic Drift, the vehicle has high top speed, but poor acceleration. In Sonic Drift 2, the vehicle's top speed was reduced to decent, but to compensate it now has the best handling in the game. In both games, the Egg Typhoon's special ability is to drop mines that make any driver who hits one spin out of control and lose their Rings.

Character Vehicle Special Move Gameplay
Drift Eggman.png Eggman Egg Typhoon Drop mine (same as collision) Good speed, poor acceleration.
Character Vehicle Special Move Gameplay
Acceleration Speed Handling
Drift 2 Eggman.png Eggman Egg Typhoon Drop mine (same as collision) Low Decent Very high

Eggman also uses the Egg Typhoon in Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld's "Car Race" minigame to race the other characters around a circular track in a one-lap race.



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