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The following is the instruction manual for the Game Gear game Sonic Drift.

English translation of the Japanese Prologue

SonicDrift GG JP manual.pdfSonicDrift GG JP manual.pdf

Translated by Windii

Eggman: "DAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I am that very famous super genius scientist, Doctor Eggma... Grah!!

Sonic: Hey, everybody, I'm Sonic.
So, today I'm gonna race not with my feet, but a machine?
Well, I'm probably gonna win anyway, whether I'm running with my feet or a machine!

Tails: Let me introduce myself too, Sonic!
Hello everybody, I'm Tails. I'm rather confident in riding machines, so I'll do my best in today's race!

Eggman: Hey, you two! Don't introduce yourselves behind my back! Who the heck do you take this super genius scientist for... Whoa!!

Amy: Mr. Sonic~ Mr. Sonic~ ♡
Amy will participate today as well, so... huh?
Tails, where did Mr. Sonic go!?

Tails: Ah! Sonic's already getting started!

Amy: Aahhh, wait for me, Mr. Sonic~ ♡

Eggman: Heheheheh... Daahahahah!
My greatest masterpiece, Egg Typhoon... Huh!? What is this? Everyone's gone all of a sudden???

Sonic: And so, the "Sonic Drift" race is about to begin!!

Sonic Drift
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