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The following is a list of magazine articles for Chaotix.

File Date Source Title and comments
GamePlayers US 0712.pdf


Game Players (US) Vol. 7 No. 12 "December 1994"
Game Players misinforms its readers about a 32X Sonic game, using images from Sonic Ride.
GameFan US 0303.pdf


GameFan (US) Volume 3, Issue 3: "March 1995"
SegaMagazine UK 15.pdf SegaMagazine UK 15.pdf


Sega Magazine (UK) #15: "March 1995"
Sega MegaZone 50 Apr 95.pdf 1995-xx-xx Sega Megazone (AU) #50: "xxxx xxxx"

File Date Source Title and comments
GamePlayers US 0802.pdf "Game Gossip: We Got it Right"
Game Players reports that it was contacted by Sega for its earlier print of Sonic Chaotic. The firm confirms a Sonic game will be released for the 32X and that they'll "be 'red' with envy".
CVG UK 160.pdf "Preview: Knuckles Ringstar"
Two-page preview of the game, which is referred to as "Knuckles Ringstar", and is said to be 70% complete. Development is stated to have begun as far back as January 1994.
MeanMachinesSega29UK.pdf "Chaos Over Knuckles"
Two-page preview of the game, which is referred to as "Knuckles Ringstar", although the title screen with the correct name is visible. The article mentions the graphics and special effects which take advantage of the 32X hardware, the elastic band mechanic, and the polygonal Special Stage.
SegaMegazone AU 49.pdf "Chaotix"
MeanMachinesSega30UK.pdf "Work in Progress: Chaotix"
Four-page preview of the upcoming game. The article discusses topics such as graphical improvements over previous Mega Drive games, the elastic band connecting two characters, the tutorial level at the start of the game, and the falling bonus stage. It is said to be scheduled for release in June or July.
GamePlayers US 0804.pdf "Game Gossip: Sega's Virtua Land"
Game Players reports a change of name to Knuckles Chaotix.
GamePlayers US 0804.pdf "Previews: Knuckles Chaotix"
SegaMagazin DE 18.pdf "Special: Chaotix"
Gamers DE 1995-06.pdf "Preview: Chaotix"
VideoGames DE 1995-05.pdf "Preview: Chaotix"
GamePro US 070.pdf "Short ProShots: Chaotix"
SuperGamePower BR 014.pdf "Pré-Estréia: Chaotix"
VideoGames DE 1995-06.pdf "Reviews: Chaotix"
CVG UK 163.pdf CVG UK 163.pdf "Review: Chaotix"
Three-page review of the game. The writer praises the game's graphics, but complains that once the player is used to the unusual controls, the game becomes too easy.
SegaMagazin DE 19.pdf "Review: Knuckles Chaotix"
VideoGames US 77.pdf "Capsule Reviews: Knuckles Chaotix"
GamePlayers US 0806.pdf "Review: Knuckles' Chaotix"
GamePro DE 1995-07.pdf "MD 32X Test: Chaotix"
From the German edition of GamePro.
Gamers DE 1995-07.pdf "MD 32X Test: Chaotix"
TopConsoles FR 04.pdf "Test: Chaotix"

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