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Tails' Skypatrol title.png
Tails' Skypatrol
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Genre: Action[1], Shooting[2]
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Sega Game Gear
1995-04-28[1] ¥3,800 G-3368
Sega Rating: All Ages

Tails' Skypatrol (テイルスのスカイパトロール) is a Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off game for the Sega Game Gear which was released exclusively in Japan. Players assume command of Miles "Tails" Prower in a permanent flying state, who joins a "Sky Patrol" in hope of saving an island by defeating the evil villainess Witchcart, whom turns any that oppose her into crystals with her magic. This is the only appearance by Witchcart and her companions in any Sonic or Sonic-related game. Dr. Eggman, the villain of most Sonic games, is not featured in the game nor referenced.

The game appears designed for younger audiences but is extremely difficult, as Tails falling, bumping into an object or touching the ground makes the player lose a life.

It is partially unknown who has made the game, since the credits of the games are full of abbreviated names and pseudonyms. Very few "real" names actually exist, and whether there are one or two people is also never confirmed.


Tails' Skypatrol is not a traditional platformer and instead is more similar to a shooter. There are no Rings or Chaos Emeralds to be collected and Tails is constantly "suspended" in flight mode. The objective of the game is to fly to the end of the stage, avoiding obstacles and destroying enemies with a golden Ring, which he throws as a projectile. The Ring can also be used to latch on to any number of devices the player will encounter in each stage, ranging from gymnastics bars to railcarts.

After taking a hit from an enemy or projectile Tails starts descending, rapidly pressing 1 or 2 will stop the descent. The screen is fixed and constantly moves along with him. In order to stay afloat, Tails' flight meter, which slowly drops to zero, must be replenished by collecting Mint Candy scattered in each level. Extra lives can be gained by earning 10,000 and 30,000 points.


In Tails' Skypatrol, Tails cannot stop moving during gameplay, unless the game is paused, and he cannot turn around to move in the opposite direction at will. He can, however, move up and down by pressing Up or Down on the D-Pad. He can also slow down by holding Left or speed up by holding Right. He can also toss the golden ring he holds by pressing 1 or 2. Holding 1 or 2 before releasing will strengthen the throw and make the ring go farther, similar to how the Spin Dash move works on traditional Sonic games. If Tails is hit by an enemy attack, he will begin spiraling out of control. Rapidly pressing 1 or 2 before he runs into the ground or a wall will regain control of Tails, but it will cost a portion of the flight meter.


Training area sky patrol.png
Training Area
The first level and, as it suggests, the tutorial level, though it gives no instructions on how to play the game. It is more like a very easy example of the rest of the game, not including enemies or other level specific gimmicks.
Rail CanyonTSP.png
Rail Canyon Area
The first 'true' level in the game. Level features many pine trees and graphics seen throughout more traditional Sonic games. It's the first level in the game to feature enemies such as turtles that throw projectiles and balloons that try and blast you out of the sky. Destroying the bottom half offers Tails a free balloon. At the end of the level, the player will face the game's first boss, Focke-Wulf, who is a blue wolf on a flying bike that throws bombs at Tails.
TSP ruin wood.png
Ruin Wood Area
The second level in the game takes place in what looks like an old mine, later in the level the player will enter a mountainous area. Enemies for this level include skeleton-like creatures that spring up from the ground and throw their bones at the player and 'capture berries' which will clamp onto Tails' ring if he gets too close, holding him in place momentarily. The boss at the end of the level, Bearenger, will throw projectiles at Tails, three at a time.
Metal Island TSP.png
Metal Island Area
The third level takes place in the sky, supposedly on an airship of sorts, and features fans that create strong gusts that can blow Tails into hazards or enemies. The level enemies feature bird-like robots that swoop down to attack, then retreat. At the end of the level Tails will confront the third boss, Carrotia, which is a very feminine rabbit on a flying carrot.
Dark castle.png
Dark Castle Area
The last level in the game. This level features, along with an unforgiving difficulty and a surplus of traps, octopus-like robots that will hurl beach balls at you and the game's final boss, Witchcart, who will constantly cast magic sparks at Tails.


Scattered throughout each level are several items which can be picked up for bonuses:

Mint Candy (ミントキャンディ)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[3]: Replenishes the power gauge. Candy can be found in sets of 1, 2, or 3, replenishing a quarter, half, or all of the power gauge respectively.
Crystal (クリスタル)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[3]: Adds 1,000 points at the end of the level.
Bell (ベル)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[3]: Same effect as a Checkpoint marker in the traditional Sonic games. When activated, Tails will return to this point if the player loses a life.
1UPMedia:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[3]: Gives Tails an extra life.
Muteki Star (ムテキスター)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[3]: Temporary invincibility from all obstacles, including walls.

Level objects

Throughout the game, the player will come across a number of common objects that the player can interact with in some way. The player may avoid some of these by holding 1 or 2 to spin Tails' Ring.

Pole (ポール)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[4]: When Tails' Ring latches onto it, he will swing up/down the pole and be launched forward.
Bar (バー)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[4]: Catapults Tails in the direction of the arrow next to it.
Catapult (カタパルト)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[4]: Catapults Tails forward at high speed.
Daruma Block (だるまブロック)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[4]: A wall that can be broken down by hitting the blocks with Tails' Ring. Hitting the gold block destroys the wall instantly.
Balloon (バルーン)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[4]: A balloon that Tails can hang on to to float upwards without draining his power gauge.
Kurukuru Panel (くるくるパネル)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[5]: A rotating wall. The player must avoid contact with it while it's rotating.
Switch Bolt (スイッチボルト)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[5]: A switch with a spike ball orbiting around it. Hitting it will make the spike ball change direction.
Truck (トロッコ)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[5]: Moves forward when Tails' Ring latches on to it, carrying him along the track.
Omori (おもり)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[5]: A heavy weight that weighs Tails down to the ground. It can be pulled off ledges.
Bonmetal (ボンメタル)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[5]: Strange round blocks that suddenly appear to block Tails. They can be destroyed piece-by-piece by tossing the Ring at them.
Switch (スイッチ)Media:TailsSkypatrol GG JP manual.pdf[5]: A switch that toggles objects such as walls.

Production credits

  • Character Design: ©Sega
  • Game Design: K3, LR
  • Graphic: Mt. Emerald, Show
  • Sound: Chikayo, Kazunechan
  • Programming: AT-AT, Captain Alice, Bryan
  • Thanks to: Monty, Ezachan, Mr. Rental, Fine-Twig, SIMS All Staff, JSH All Staff, and You.
Source: In-game credits


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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 88618afa
MD5 ffb364bbaf72881cf7571e7ec388490d
SHA-1 9cb440611e9e3a7957438698fede0978d568a807
256KB Cartridge (JP)


Tails' Skypatrol
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