Ruin Wood Area

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Ruin Wood Area
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Ruin Wood Area
Second level, Tails' Skypatrol
Level theme: underground/cave
Secondary level theme: ancient ruins
Boss: Bearenger
Non-English names:
Rail Canyon Area | Metal Island Area

Ruin Wood Area is the second level of Tails' Skypatrol.


The level first starts in a dingy cave, which seems to use elements from Mystic Cave Zone's design. Throughout the cave, the player will steer Tails past moving pillars and ride the Minecarts through the cave's rail networks, while also dealing with Hanerutons and Bound Heads.

The player will then come out in an outdoor area with ancient ruins by a series of mountains in the background, and from this point on, they must watch out for the Minokichis, as well as the Capture Berries and the Gons. This is the only level in the game to have two songs (not including the boss theme): one for inside the 'ruin' (the cave part), and one for the 'wood'.

The boss of this level is Bearenger. Clearing this level awards the player an Area Bonus of 10,000 points.


Haneruton — Skeleton that leaps up and explodes in a shower of bones.
Balloon Gun — Gun turret attached to a balloon.
Bound Head — Yellow orb that bounces on the ground.
Minokichi — Bagworm that hangs from the ceiling.
Capture Berry — Flower-like bot that holds Tails in place if he flies too close.
Gon — Dinosaur-like bot that bites Tails' Ring.


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