Dark Castle Area

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Dark Castle Area
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Dark Castle Area
Fourth level, Tails' Skypatrol
Level theme: spooky/supernatural
Secondary level theme: industrial
Boss: Witchcart
Non-English names:
Metal Island Area

Dark Castle Area is the fourth and final level of Tails' Skypatrol.


This eerie stronghold is home to the wicked Witchcart, who is the boss for this level. Tails' flying abilities are put to the test throughout the level, as it is heavily guarded by swarms of enemies, Carronades that home in on Tails when firing, and frustrating traps like the deadly Bonmetals. Checkpoint Bells are often hidden from normal sight, especially when the player goes off-route to collect hidden items. All of these potentially make this level the hardest in the game. Fortunately, there are two Muteki Stars laid out one after the other, and with crafty flying, the player can obtain both.

The castle's exterior is made up of dark grey bricks and towers in front of a cityscape that appears to have been taken straight from Casino Night Zone. Periodically, the player will fly through the castle's interiors, which are Metropolis-esque steel chambers that are claustrophobic in nature and hold some of the deadlier traps.

Upon defeating Witchcart, the game ends, and the player is awarded an Area Bonus of 20,000 points.


Tobikoshi Crow — Flies in to attack, then retreats.
Carronade — Mounted cannons that shoot cannonballs at Tails.
Tashiya — Octopus-bot that balances a circus ball.
Balloon Gun — Gun turret attached to a balloon.
Gon — Dinosaur-like bot that bites Tails' Ring.
Bound Head — Yellow orb that bounces on the ground.
Haneruton — Skeleton that leaps up and explodes in a shower of bones.
Dorigame — Turtle-bots that throw projectiles.


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