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Sonic Drift (demo)
Prerelease of: Sonic Drift
System: Sega Game Gear
ROM size: 512 kB
Source: Cartridge
Found by: Bock

The Sonic Drift demo for the Game Gear is a non-playable demo, that showcases five different demos. The first shows Sonic completing the first track "Green Hill". Some of the obstacles are different from the final, notably the Invincibility monitor appears first. In the final version, a turbo monitor is the first powerup to appear. The second demo shows off Tails completing the sixth track "Scrap Brain", though for unknown reasons this demo does not work properly on most emulators such as Kega Fusion. The third demo shows off the course select screen, as well as the best times for "Marble". The fourth demo showcases Sonic playing through the green Marble track in free run mode. Finally the last demo showcases the Versus option with player one selecting Eggman and player two selecting Amy. The two race in "Star Light" green track, with Eggman winning the race.

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File: Sonic_Drift_(Demo)_(JP).zip (180 kB) (info)

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