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The following is the instruction manual for the Game Gear game Sonic Drift.

English translation of the Japanese Prologue

Translated by Windii

Eggman: Dahahahahaha! I am the famous super-genius scientist, Dr. Eggma—gwah!

Sonic: Hey guys, I'm Sonic. Today I'm going to compete with my car instead of my legs. Well, whether I run with my legs or my car, I'll probably win!

Tails: Let me say hi, too, Sonic! Hello everyone, this is Tails. I'm feeling a little confident about driving cars, so I'll do my best in today's race!

Eggman: Hey, you guys! Don't greet people while turning your backs on me! What in the world do you take this super genius scientist for—augh!

Amy: Mr. Sonic... Mr. Sonic! ♡ I will be participating in the competition today, and... oh? Tails, where did Mr. Sonic go?!

Tails: Oh! Sonic's already started!

Amy: Eek, wait for me, Mr. Sonic! ♡

Eggman: Wheeze, wheeze... dahahaha! My greatest masterpiece, the Egg Typhoon... Huh?! What the heck? There's no one here?

Sonic: And so, the Sonic Drift race is about to begin!

Drivers & Cars


  • Advantage: Acceleration performance & maximum speed
  • Disadvantage: Cornering
  • Special power: Dash

Sonic, who loves novel things, rides this insanely fast machine. Just like Sonic, its dashing speed is amazing. It's not so good at cornering, but it'll get through by drifting.

MTP-01 Whirlwind

  • Advantage: Cornering
  • Disadvantage: Maximum speed
  • Special power: Jump

This new car was hand-made by Tails for this race. It is a well-balanced machine with excellent cornering.

Egg Typhoon

  • Advantage: Maximum speed
  • Disadvantage: Acceleration
  • Special power: Mine drop

The Eggman Mobile was modified for racing. It's designed for maximum speed, and it's ready to take on Sonic and the others. Maybe its slow acceleration is due to the Egg Temper mines it carries?


  • Advantage: Acceleration performance
  • Disadvantage: Maximum speed
  • Special power: Heart throw

Breeze is a strange car with a mind of his own. He is not very fast, but his cornering and acceleration are very good. He's a very gentle guy.


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