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The following is the instruction manual for the Sega Game Gear game Tails' Skypatrol.

Story translated from Japanese

Translation by Windii

We all want to travel alone once in a while...

One day, Tails sets off on a trip with his two tails in a whirl.
It's not that he had a fight with Sonic.
He doesn't have a destination in mind, just a little adventure that's different from the norm.

Tails flies aimlessly across the blue sky, the sun shining brightly.
He flies as far and as fast as his heart desires.
After a while, Tails finally found the stage for his adventure.

Beneath the floating clouds, in the middle of the deep blue sea, he finds a small isolated island.
"I hope there's something interesting here..."
Tails walked down to the island with these thoughts in mind.

The island seemed to be an ordinary little island that could be found anywhere.
However, when Tails landed on the island, he realized that it was anything but ordinary.

Steel rails were built to stretch all over the island. And there was no sign of any of the animals that lived on it.
"What're these rails for? It can't be Dr. Eggman..."

Just as he was thinking about this, he felt a vibration in the rails under his feet.
Sensing a threat, Tails quickly jumps into the grass nearby.
What Tails sees is a shadow moving across the rails.

It was a silver trolley that was growing larger and larger.
On the trolley is a mysterious human figure...

"Hyaahyahyahyahyah! Everything on this island belongs to me, the great witch Witchcart! Anyone who crosses me will be turned into crystal! Now, my little minions, begin your patrols! Don't miss a single one of them! Hyaahyahyahyah... Now get going!"
Behind the witch, the henchmen on the flying machines took off.

Tails, who had been watching the whole thing from the grass, had already made up his mind.
"I gotta do something... That's right, I can do this! Even without Sonic, I'm fine all on my own!"

And with that, Tails took off, energetically spinning his two tails! He set out on his great adventure to protect this strange island!


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