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Sonic 2 in 1
Publisher: Sega
Game total: 2
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Genre: Game Compilation
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Sega Game Gear
1995-10  ? 2568
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Sonic 2 in 1 is a compilation of two Sonic games for the Sega Game Gear - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Spinball. It was a European-exclusive release and is hard to find today, even on the Internet on websites such as eBay. The method of switching between games is unique among Sonic compilation games, since instead of having a menu to switch games, it changes automatically when the system is power-cycled.


Physical scans

Game Gear, EU
Sonic 2in1 eu box.jpg
2in1 gg eu cart.jpg


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