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Sonic and the Black Knight
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System(s): Wii
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-10[1] $? RVL-P-RENE
ESRB: Everyone 10+
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-12[2] ¥6,800 (7,140)[2] RVL-P-RENJ
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-12[3] $79.95 RVL-P-RENP
OFLC: Parental Guidance (PG)
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-13[4] £? RVL-P-RENP
PEGI: 12+
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-13[5] €? RVL-P-RENP
PEGI: 12+
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-13[6] €? RVL-P-RENP
USK: 12
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-13[7] €? RVL-P-RENP
PEGI: 12+
Nintendo Wii
2009-03-13[8] €? RVL-P-RENP
PEGI: 12+
Nintendo Wii
2009 $? RVL-P-RENE
ESRB: Everyone 10+
Nintendo Wii
2009 NT$? ?
GSRR: 6+

Sonic and the Black Knight, known as Sonic to Ankoku no Kishi (ソニックと暗黒の騎士) in Japan, is an action game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Wii. It is the sequel to Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Set in the world of King Arthur, the game combines Sonic's trademark speed with a new swordfighting system, making use of the Wii Remote's motion-sensing functionality.


The game begins in the story "King Arthur and the Knights Of The Round Table" when the granddaughter of the legendary Merlin, Merlina, is trying to escape pursuit from a mysterious evil band of knights. Seeing no escape, she summons out a Chosen Hero to save her. This ends up being Sonic the Hedgehog, and, after a sloppy entering, easily dispatches most of the evil creatures. When preparing to face off the Big One, he is pulled back by Merlina and warped to another location.

When Sonic asks why she stopped him and who that guy was, Merlina explains that it was King Arthur who, after being corrupted by the power of the Scabbard of Excalibur , transformed into The Black Knight, turning his own blade into Deathcalibur and nefariously rules the world. Sonic's speed alone will not put an end to The Black Knight's reign, so he must take on a talking, "ancient" sword known as Caliburn. After facing King Arthur another time and fails to defeat him, Sonic must prove himself as a knight and in order to do that, he must get help from the Local Blacksmith (portrayed by Tails), complete tasks from Nimue, Lady of the Lake (portrayed by Amy), and defeat King Arthur's Knights Of The Round Table: Sir Lancelot (portrayed by Shadow the Hedgehog), Sir Gawain portrayed by (Knuckles the Echidna), and Sir Percival (portrayed by Blaze the Cat).

After overthrowing all of the Knights Of The Round Table and obtaining their Sacred Swords, Sonic confronts King Arthur in Avalon for a final confrontation. With the power of the Sacred Swords, Sonic overcomes Arthur's immortality and finally defeats him. Once defeated, the King disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving behind his scabbard. He then meets up with Merlina and the Knights Of The Round Table, where Merlina reveals that King Arthur was an illusion conjured by her grandfather Merlin. Merlina then takes King Arthur's scabbard and reveals her true intentions: to make the Kingdom eternal.

After escaping the Kingdom, Sonic and the Knights Of The Round Table set off to find the Barrier Stones in order to create a barrier that is supposed to stop Merlina. Before the barrier is created, Sonic confronts Merlina about why she is doing this but. Sonic still refuses to give up and challenges her, only to be beaten mercilessly with Caliburn being severed in the process. Despite the barrier being released, it isn't powerful enough to stop Merlina. All hope seems lost, but the Sacred Swords, along with Sonic's courage, revives and transforms Caliburn into Excalibur, turning Sonic into a Golden Knight. Excalibur Sonic battles the Dark Queen in the final showdown and Sonic is victorious with the power of the Excalibur Blade.

After the battle, Sonic confronts and comforts Merlina, telling her to live life to the fullest. The Knights Of The Round Table arrive and with King Arthur no more, they prepare to disband. Caliburn, however, decides otherwise and reveals that the true King Arthur is in fact Sonic.

After the credits roll, it seems that Sonic told this tale to Amy as an excuse for leaving her behind. Amy, though, doesn't believe it and it is implied that she went chasing Sonic with her Piko-Piko Hammer. As this happens, the book "King Arthur and the Knights Of The Round Table" turns into "Sonic and the Black Knight".


Adventure mode

Gameplay for Sonic and the Black Knight differs from traditional games in the Sonic series by mixing in the new element of swordplay, along with the traditional Sonic platforming and speed. Swordplay is implemented through the Wii Remote. Gameplay is more similar to Sonic Unleashed than Sonic and the Secret Rings; Sonic's movement is controlled with the analog stick, and gameplay is mainly 3D, but occasionally the camera will shift to a side-scrolling perspective for traditional 2D gameplay.

Swordplay is implemented so that players can slice through enemies without slowing down, but when faced with more formidable enemies, players will engage in advanced swordplay, able to thrust, parry, and perform other maneuvers. The sword is not used just for combat; players may thrust it through a wall while falling to slow their descent.

The stages feature civilians that the player can choose to help or smite; these actions and the player's deeds will be judged at the end of each stage, updating the player's "knight ranking" accordingly. It gives players different "titles" that function as an invisible score multiplier. By helping out citizens, players are able to purchase new items from them, such as gauntlets, magical tomes, and new swords. There are about 200 items in the game, some of which can be gained by opening treasure chests in the stages. An online mode allowed treasures to be traded.

The game changes the traditional level items, such as springs and speed pads, into "elements". Ten rings can be collected by finding yellow fairies, blue fairies are used as springs and for speed boosts, and red fairies are used to fill up the "Soul Gauge". This gauge is filled by defeating enemies and collecting red fairies, and is used to unleash a speed boost that, when reaching enemies, will inflict a powerful ombination attack, Soul Surge. Additionally, instead of rails from previous games, players will fire a ballista and then grind across its rope.

The mission-based system from Sonic and the Secret Rings also return, but the missions are easier to complete. Each stage consists of multiple missions which feature different stipulations. The skill system from the aforementioned game also returns, but will be reviewed to adjust any problems that were present in that game; the skill system is also being designed so as not to interfere with the game's tempo.

Battle mode

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Item types

Game Piece
Precious Stone
Sack Item
Present Box Item


Veteran composer Jun Senoue returned to compose music for this installment, mixing familiar Sonic themes with a Celtic style. In addition, his band, Crush 40, has returned to perform the main theme of the game, "Knight of the Wind" (As heard in the Tokyo Game Show trailer.), as well as three additional songs. Tommy Tallarico had the game listed on his website as one of the games he has worked on. Finally, Richard Jacques made the music for the cutscenes, as previously confirmed by Official Nintendo Magazine.


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic and the Black Knight
Japanese ソニックと暗黒の騎士 Sonic to Ankoku no Kishi
French Sonic et le Chevalier Noir Sonic and the Black Knight
German Sonic und der Schwarze Ritter Sonic and the Black Knight
Spanish Sonic y el Caballero Negro Sonic and the Black Knight
Italian Sonic e il Cavaliere Nero Sonic and the Black Knight

Production credits

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Nintendo Wii
CRC32 d1aed6e5
MD5 12b9892a5f26a903a1b3afa209718db1
SHA-1 d3e83bc9a7350b35e46836a35aef20146bd2a969
4,699,979,776 Disc (US)
Nintendo Wii
CRC32 bb721bd0
MD5 db5d9791019e23f1e1677255fab612b8
SHA-1 7102cad19ef040a56aa49c90baa6d61694c0f16d
4,699,979,776 Disc (EU)
Nintendo Wii
CRC32 d6ba9efa
MD5 1661b4b992f3d7b37edb571f74f9a3fb
SHA-1 a7525f759e79374a48108096d2245fce9fc2e47d
4,699,979,776 Disc (JP)

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