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Dark Queen
The Dark Queen
Game: Sonic and the Black Knight
Level: Dark Hollow
Fought by: Excalibur-Sonic

The Dark Queen is the final boss of Sonic and the Black Knight, fought by Excalibur Sonic in Dark Hollow. Using the power of the Scabbard of Excalibur, Merlina the Wizard transforms herself into this massive, spectral monster.

Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow, seen in a cutscene.
You would not understand, nor could you understand. That is why I must do what I must do. I am finished with you.

— Merlina, to Sonic

Dark Hollow is the final "stage" in Sonic and the Black Knight, although there is in fact no gameplay level at all - just a single mission, the last boss fight against the Dark Queen.

The area repesents Camelot Castle at the epicentre of Merlina's black magic vortex: the cheerful medieval city transformed into a brooding, crown-shaped fortress. After Nimue's magical barrier fails to contain Merlina's stasis enchantment, Sonic and Caliburn return to the twisted ruins of the castle in a last-ditch effort to stop the sorceress. The wizard has installed herself in a new throne room, inscribed with her flower-shaped symbol, when Sonic and Caliburn confront her. Merlina's exposition reveals that her intentions are much more admirable (if misguided) than the typical genocide-and-dominion Sonic villain. According to the wizard, Grand Kingdom is doomed to a fate of civil war and destruction - and Merlina would rather see the world eternally frozen than watch her beloved nation and her grandfather's dream collapse.

Sonic, nonetheless, refuses to sympathize with his former friend's motives, and attacks. Things do not go well to begin with. Sonic is brushed aside like a fly, and Merlina snaps Caliburn in half for good measure. Observing through Nimue's scrying pool, the Knights of the Round Table exhort Sonic to flee, but the hedgehog refuses to give up. Fueled by his determination, Caliburn transforms into Excalibur, strongest of the Sacred Swords; and in turn, Sonic is transformed into Excalibur Sonic.

The Final Battle

The battle takes place in a dark, shifting void - reminiscent of Alf-Layla-wa-Layla in the previous game. The Dark Queen begins by bombarding Excalibur-Sonic with energy spheres, before moving on to slashing at him with her four giant swords. Sonic has to parry by swinging the Wiimote, charging up his soul gauge and enabling a flurry of counter-attacks.

After the Dark Queen is defeated, Sonic and Merlina are returned to the broken courtyard of Castle Camelot, where the hedgehog consoles his defeated opponent.


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