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Cheat Codes

These are cheat codes which can be accessed by inputting button sequences or by various other methods.

Cheat Codes, All Versions

Sega Mega Drive version

S3D level select.png
  • Level select: To access level select, press B A Right A C Up Down and A (Baracuda) on the title screen. After entering this cheat, you may skip levels by pressing Start + A during gameplay. Skipping a level while in a special stage will reward you the emerald without even having to play the level. Alternately, level select can be unlocked by beating the game once or tapping the side of the cartridge.

Sega Saturn version

  • Cheat Mode: Hold on C + Start at the title screen to access the cheats. To cheat, press Start, then press:

X - Gain one life
Y - Gain one medal
Z - Gain all chaos emeralds
A - Skip an act
B - Skip a stage
C - Skip to boss of stage

PC Version

  • Hidden Menu: While playing the game, hold on M and press escape to access a hidden menu, which lets you change many weird features of the game. You can change the refresh rate or load custom saved games. A 'Motion Smoothing' option is also available which will make the game run smoother. To make the Motion Smoothing functioning correctly you may need to first go to the Return to Title option first.
  • Hidden Cheat Menu: A second hidden menu with various cheat options is present in the executable. To access it, you must use a Windows resource editor to swap the first Hidden Menu with the Hidden Cheat Menu.
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Cheat device codes

These are cheat codes that can only be used with game enhancer devices. Support for these codes is available in most emulators.

Game Genie

Unofficial codes

Code Description
DADA-AAAR Always Go To The Special Stage.
MA3A-AAAT Auto Spin Dash.
AMJA-CA42 Don't Lose Rings In Special Stages.
BL5T-CA2W Don't Lose Rings When Hit (If you have at least 1 ring).
ATEA-AA5J Infinite Lives.
AJNA-AA32 Level Selection Menu Always Appears At Level Start.
AJCA-AABY Non-Stop Demo.
AVSA-AA44 Once You Collect The First 5 Birds (Flickies) On The First Level, You Won't Need To Collect Anymore To Go To The Rest of The Levels.
AADA-AAAE Skip Levels.

Action Replay

Unofficial codes

Code Description
FF4F92:0007 Have All Chaos Emeralds.
FF0680:00XX Always keep XX lives.
FF0A5A:00XX Always keep XX rings.
FF0A8F:000X Always keep X Flickies (max 5).
FF0A93:0005 Don't need to collect Flickies. (Can still collect them for score)


Unofficial codes

Code Description
F6000914 C305
B6002800 0000
Master Code.
16097C5E 0009 Gives Sonic 9 Medals.
16098008 0999
1609800C 03E7
Gives Sonic 999 Rings.
160FFC94 03E7 Gives Sonic 999 Rings (Bonus Levels).
16097C2E 0009 Infinite Lives.
160A44AC 0060 Invincibility (Sonic Flashes).
D6097C24 0001
D6097C24 00??
Level Modifier.
  • 02 - Green Grove Act 2
  • 03 - Green Grove Act 3
  • 04 - Gene Gadget Act 1
  • 05 - Gene Gadget Act 2
  • 06 - Gene Gadget Act 3
  • 07 - Rust Ruin Act 1
  • 08 - Rusty Ruin Act 2
  • 09 - Rusty Ruin Act 3
  • 0A - Diamond Dust Act 1
  • 0B - Dusty Diamond Act 2
  • 0C - Dusty Diamond Act 3
  • 0D - Volcano Valley Act 1
  • 0E - Volcano Valley Act 2
  • 0F - Volcano Valley Act 3
  • 10 - Spring Stadium Act 1
  • 11 - Spring Stadium Act 2
  • 12 - Spring Stadium Act 3
  • 13 - Panic Puppet Act 1
  • 14 - Panic Puppet Act 2
  • 15 - Panic Puppet Act 3


  • GameFAQs - Regular cheat codes.
  • The GSHI - Official codes separated from User made codes.

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