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The following are instruction manuals for Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island.


Story from US and EU manuals

Sonic3D MD US manual.pdfSonic3D MD US manual.pdf

Flicky Island Under Siege!

Sonic and his friends are off to visit the mysterious Flicky Island. According to legend, the island contains precious gems - among them the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic must find the Flickies, mysterious little birds who hold the key to finding the gems. Flickies are rarely seen, and it is said that their existence is tied closely to the location of the Chaos Emeralds.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik has hatched a new scheme. His target this time is Flicky Island. He has detected the presence of the Chaos Emeralds on the island. Upon arriving there, Robotnik immediately starts setting up intruder defenses, and begins building the robots he loves so much. But Robotnik needs to find the Flickies to place inside his machines. Suddenly, in the distance he sees a bright shining Dimension Ring appear. A flock of Flickies fly out of the ring, perch on a tree branch, pick up some food, and then disappear into the Dimension Ring. "So they live in another dimension, do they? Hah! I've found the secret of the Flickies!"

The Flickies travel freely between dimensions using the Dimension Rings! Without wasting any time, Robotnik develops a new device: the Dimension Ring Generator. He captures Flickies from the Flicky dimension using his new device, and begins turning them into robots. Later on, Sonic and his friends arrive at Flicky Island, and find the place in pandemonium.

Sonic sees the crazed doctor busily placing the Flickies into his robot shells. "Robotnik!" Sonic yells.

"Sonic? Again? Well, no matter. With the robots I've created using the Flickies, you'll never be able to stop me! At last I'll be free to find all the Chaos Emeralds and rule the world!" Sonic relizes that he must save the Flickies by freeing them from their robotic prisons and sending them back to the Flicky dimension. More importantly, Robotnik must not be allowed to find the Chaos Emeralds first. Time to go, Sonic!

Japanese story translated into English

Sonic3D Sat JP manual.pdfSonic3D Sat JP manual.pdf

Translated by Windii

"Chaos Emeralds--the beautiful gems that possess mysterious power."

One day, Sonic and his friends Tails and Knuckles visited a mysterious island called "Flicky Island." According to the legend, it is said that mysterious gems named "Chaos Emeralds" lay dormant on this island. Sonic and his friends first decided to look for birds named "flickies," which will serve as a clue to those jewels.

At that time, there was a spy satellite in the sky far away that scouted out "Flicky Island".
"I finally found it. "Flicky Island," the place where the Chaos Emeralds rest!"
That hoarse voice seemed familiar... It was the evil genius scientist, "Dr. Eggman."
Indeed, the legend of this island's Chaos Emeralds has reached the evil genius scientist "Dr. Eggman"'s ears as well.
He immediately examined the whereabouts of those gems. And he found out that he will have to use the flickies in order to find them.

Dr. Eggman came to the "Flicky Island" to capture the flickies. However, there was no presence of the flickies anywhere.
"What's going on with this island?! There's no flickies!"
In front of him were only forests and mountains that stood still as death.

But then, a brightly shining Big Ring appeared in the distance. Then a flock of Flickies popped out of that ring. The Flickies stayed in the trees, and when they finished eating the nuts, they went back into the Big Ring again.
"Hahah, I found out the flickies' secret."
The flickies were coming and going through subspaces by using Big Rings as they pleased. As Dr. Eggman thought this to himself, he quickly completed a "Big Ring Generation Machine." Then he captured the flickies and imprisoned them into robots one after another.

Sonic came immediately following that incident. When Sonic saw Dr. Eggman imprisoning the flickies into the robots, he yelled.
"Eggman! What are you doing over there!!?"
"You again, Sonic. How impudent. You will no longer be able stop me. I'll obtain all the Chaos Emeralds, and conquer the world. Daahahahahah!!"
As he said that, Dr. Eggman got into the Egg Mobile and flew away.

Will Sonic really be able to rescue the flickies, find the Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Eggman does, and put a stop to his conspiracy?

Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island
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