You're My Hero

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" You're My Hero "
Album: None
Arrangement by: Richard Jacques
Vocals: Debbie Morris

You're My Hero is the end credits theme for Sonic 3D on the Saturn and PC versions. It is interesting to note that the song has little connection with the actual story. The lyrics actually seem to have more of a connection to Sonic rescuing Amy in Sonic CD.


I was trapped inside for so very long
How could things turn out so wrong
You came along, to save the day
I knew that it would be okay

My knight in shining armor came
My life would never be the same

'Cause you're my hero
You came to rescue me
And now you've set me free
There's so much I want to make you see

You're my hero
Don't ever let me go
I just want you to know
There's so much inside, and I want to let it show

And now I owe, so much to you
Is there is there anything that I can do
I want to show you that I care
When you need me I'll be there

I hope that you don't go away
I'll always wish that you would stay