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Localisation comparisons

Sonic3DBlast MD title.png
NTSC version (Genesis/Mega Drive)
S3d title.png
PAL version (Mega Drive)

For unknown reasons, Sonic 3D uses the subtitle Blast in NTSC regions, and Flickies' Island in PAL. On the Mega Drive, the ROM is the same, with change only taking place when the localised machine is detected.

NTSC-U version (Saturn)
Sonic3D Saturn TitleScreen.png
PAL version (Saturn)
Sonic3D Saturn JP TitleScreen.png
NTSC-J version (Saturn)

Regarding the Sega Saturn version, the title is not tied to television standards, but more the region the game was sold in. The NTSC-U version uses the Blast subtitle, while the PAL and NTSC-J versions use Flickies' Island.

For some odd reason, the Pink Flicky CGI render differs slightly between the Blast and Flickies' Island versions. The NTSC-J version also readjusts the artwork centering and extends the "Press Start" text into "Press Start Button".

Sonic3DBlast PC TitleScreen.png
US version (Windows PC)
Sonic3D PC TitleScreen.png
EU version (Windows PC)

The Windows PC version follows the same region pattern differences of the Sega Saturn version. No Japanese version was ever released.


Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island
Sonic3D Saturn TitleScreen.png

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