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Gene Gadget Zone
  • Mega Drive
  • Saturn
Gene Gadget Zone
Sixth level, Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Gene Gadget Zone boss
Maximum rings, Act 1: 51 + 106 + 138
Maximum rings, Act 2: 139 + 144
Maximum rings, Act 3: 8
Flickies, Act 1: 0 + 3 + 1 2 + 1 + 2 3 + 1 + 2
Flickies, Act 2: 1 + 1 1 + 2 3 + 2
Non-English names:
Volcano Valley Zone | Panic Puppet Zone

Gene Gadget Zone is the sixth level of Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island for the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Saturn, coming after Volcano Valley and before Panic Puppet. As with other stages in this game, Gene Gadget consists of two standard Acts followed by a third Act containing only the boss fight. In Acts 1 and 2, Sonic must free captured Flickies from inside Badniks, depositing five of the birds into a Goal Ring to progress between sections of the level (usually three per Act).


Apparently right outside the volcano on Flickies' Island, the Zone is filled with massive glass cauldrons of cruel biochemistry and yellow/black hazard stripes all over the place - precisely what you'd expect from Robotnik's genetic research lab. Getting around the Zone involves large transport tubes and industrial fans that turn on conveniently as soon as Sonic steps on them. Electrified floors are also a problem here, though the regular Blue Shield will provide protection from them somehow.

Tails and Knuckles don't appear at this point of the game anymore. You cannot try for the Chaos Emeralds, and no bonuses can be collected from Knuckles and Tails, and those bonuses are not even present at the end of Act tally. There are no more Sonic Medals to be found, either.

The boss sees Sonic fight the Doctor above a deadly conveyor belt.


This mixed-up mechazone is chock full of pipes, tubes and wiring. Not to mention electrified floors, shocking beam weapons, and industrial fans that will blow Sonic away!

Sonic 3D US manualMedia:Sonic3D Sat US manual.pdf[3]


Gene Gadget includes three different varieties of Badnik, none of which are named in official media, but are named in development tools:

  • Fish — The puffer fish robot returns from Spring Stadium Zone. Releases a purple Flicky.
  • Octopus — A turret-like octopus robot. Releases a red Flicky.
  • Mouse — A roaming mouse robot. Releases a green Flicky.


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