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Water Palace
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Water Palace
2nd (Sonic) / 4th (Blaze) Zone, Sonic Rush
Number of Acts: 3
Level themes: underwater, ancient ruins
Boss: Egg Turtle
Underwater areas: Yes
Non-English names:
  • JP: ウォーターパレス
Leaf Storm (Sonic) | Mirage Road (Sonic)
Mirage Road (Blaze) | Altitude Limit (Blaze)
For the level in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, see Water Palace (Sonic Generations 3DS).

Water Palace is a Zone in the Nintendo DS game Sonic Rush. It is the second Zone for Sonic and the fourth Zone for Blaze. As with other Zones in the game, Water Palace consists of two standard Acts followed by a dedicated boss Act.


After his surprise encounter with Blaze in Leaf Forest, Sonic rendezvous with Tails and tells him what he saw as well as about Dr. Eggman's plans, and determined to stop the evil genius, Sonic speeds off to the watery acropolis. It's at the end of the Zone that Sonic meets Eggman Nega for the first time, initially mistaking him for Eggman. Following the battle, Sonic and Tails express confusion over this strange character, and head for Tails' Workshop to discuss the recent events.

Later, in Blaze's side of the story, Blaze is introduced to Knuckles by Cream, and through Knuckles sensing the Sol Emeralds in Blaze's possession that the princess first hears of the existence of Chaos Emeralds. The echidna suggests to Blaze that she gives the "Chaos Emeralds" to Sonic, and gets frustrated when she tells him she doesn't have any, followed by him being buried by rocks. Not wanting to have any more of her time wasted, Blaze heads for Water Palace, and retrieves the green Sol Emerald from Eggman at the end of the Zone.


Water Palace takes place in a ruined acropolis adorned with white pillars and fountains, with a modern Greek-style village by a large body of water visible in the background of the top screen. Like most other ruin-themed levels in the Sonic series, large portions of the level are flooded with water, containing the only underwater sections in the game. When going underwater, it is important to keep Sonic and Blaze's lungs filled with air by stopping for air bubbles from time to time. On the surface of the water, there are platforms floating on water that the player can cross to stay dry.

The Zone is not without its share of water-themed gimmicks. At numerous places throughout the Zone are water pumps that will launch Sonic or Blaze up to high places should they stand above them. Above the water's surface are water slides, a common staple in water levels, that Sonic or Blaze will slide down towards the water. Some are straight slides, though there are corkscrew slides that Sonic and Blaze can Boost from to run on water.

In the Zone's underwater sections, there are giant propellers that can be spun by interacting with them. If the player boosts into them, the propellers will spin fast enough to send them to a higher route that can lead back to the surface, otherwise they'll take a lower route. Sea mines attached to chains can be used to elevate higher in the water, though they will explode after five seconds or if they hit something.


Knight Pawn.png
Knight PawnEgg Pawns modelled after knights with lances.
Egg Flapper.png
Egg Flapper — Egg Pawns with flight capabilities.
Sea Pawn.png
Egg Diver — An Egg Flapper variant found underwater.
SonicRush Sprite Klagen.png
Klagen — Jellyfish-like robots that drop bombs. Some can electrify their bodies.


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