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SCHG: Sonic Adventure 2

Listing of LandTable locations

Name File (.PRS) Address Key
Green Forest STG03 4FB64 8C500000
White Jungle STG04 49AA4 8C500000
Pumpkin Hill STG05 4B0A8 8C500000
Sky Rail STG06 50578 8C500000
Aquatic Mine STG07 47F30 8C500000
Security Hall STG08 4B2AC 8C500000
Prison Lane STG09 4ACAC 8C500000
Metal Harbor STG10 897DC 8C500000
Iron Gate STG11 4B344 8C500000
Weapons Bed STG12 4C2C4 8C500000
City Escape STG13 AC774 8C500000
Radical Highway STG14 60F48 8C500000
Weapons Bed 2P STG15 47AF8 8C500000
Wild Canyon STG16 48F54 8C500000
Mission Street STG17 52250 8C500000
Dry Lagoon STG18 73944 8C500000
Sonic vs. Shadow 1 STG19 2D31C 8C500000
Tails vs. Eggman 1 STG20 331EC 8C500000
Sand Ocean STG21 4C6A4 8C500000
Crazy Gadget STG22 619C0 8C500000
Hidden Base STG23 51630 8C500000
Eternal Engine STG24 56A84 8C500000
Death Chamber STG25 5F784 8C500000
Egg Quarters STG26 5AE6C 8C500000
Lost Colony STG27 4BE84 8C500000
Pyramid Cave STG28 60E14 8C500000
Tails vs. Eggman 2 STG29 30FB4 8C500000
Final Rush STG30 9B5A4 8C500000
Green Hill STG31 4F1E0 8C500000
Meteor Herd STG32 5F61C 8C500000
Knuckles vs. Rouge STG33 3868C 8C500000
Cannon's Core - Sonic STG34 5C1FC 8C500000
Cannon's Core - Eggman STG35 732FC 8C500000
Cannon's Core - Tails STG36 6BEC4 8C500000
Cannon's Core - Rouge STG37 4BFEC 8C500000
Cannon's Core - Knuckles STG38 560BC 8C500000
Mission Street 2P STG39 35B6C 8C500000
Final Chase STG40 60AD4 8C500000
Wild Canyon 2P STG41 489CC 8C500000
Cosmic Wall STG43 5B7D8 8C500000
Mad Space STG44 62EA4 8C500000
Sand Ocean 2P STG45 2AEDC 8C500000
King Boom Boo BOSS_BIGBOGY 4D82C 8C500000
Big Foot BOSS_BIGFOOT 4EE3C 8C500000
Flying Dog BOSS_FDOG 49A18 8C500000
Egg Golem (Sonic) BOSS_GOLEM 4D508 8C500000
Egg Golem (Eggman) BOSS_GOLEM_E 4DAC8 8C500000
Hot Shot BOSS_HOTSHOT 4AB3C 8C500000
Biolizard BOSS_LAST1 51684 8C500000
Dark Chao Garden CHAOSTGDARK 12F58 C9C0000
Hero Chao Garden CHAOSTGHERO 13C3C C9C0000
Neutral Chao Garden CHAOSTGNEUT CEE8 C9C0000
Chao Race Entry CHAOSTGENTRANCE 3B20C C9C0000
Chao Kindergarten Outside CHAOSTGKINDER CC330 C9C0000
Chao Kindergarten CHAOSTGKINDER D84D4 C9C0000
Chao Kindergarten Classroom CHAOSTGKINDER E7848 C9C0000
Chao Kindergarten Doctor CHAOSTGKINDER F16F4 C9C0000
Chao Kindergarten Library CHAOSTGKINDER 1014E4 C9C0000
Chao Kindergarten Principal CHAOSTGKINDER 10C77C C9C0000
Chao Lobby CHAOSTGLOBBYLAND000 8888 CA80000
Chao Lobby, with Kindergarten and Dark Garden CHAOSTGLOBBYLAND0DK 9B24 CA80000
Chao Lobby, with Kindergarten CHAOSTGLOBBYLAND00K 8A14 CA80000
Chao Lobby, with Kindergarten and Hero Garden CHAOSTGLOBBYLANDH0K 9CB0 CA80000
Chao Lobby, with Kindergarten, Hero Garden and Dark Garden CHAOSTGLOBBYLANDHDK ADF0 CA80000
Dark Chao Race CHAOSTGRACELANDD 52A28 CA40000
Hero Chao Race CHAOSTGRACELANDH 557B4 CA40000


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