VII. The Cleansing

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by Nayr T'nargh.
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VII. The Cleansing
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VII. The Cleansing -- with the realization of the previous age, a return to the golden age is attempted. However old grudges aren’t easily forgotten, driving the community into a Civil War.

Things were quickly becoming too serious and heading heavily towards politics. Tensions between Sonic CulT and the SSRG came to a peek. Insults were thrown back and forth. The first sign that things were going off the deep end was from Stealth...

Overall happenings and history

The SSRG was not to last... and its first disbandment was just around the corner.

1. The first death of the SSRG

No one was expecting it. September 5, 2002, everyone was welcomed by a locked forum and a RIP picture for the SSRG. It seemed that it was finally over. Some people started pulling together. Here I’ve included sentiments from that day from AIM chats...

The discovery...

Nayr Tnargh: what happened to the SSRG?
Luigi Link: check the main page
Luigi Link: after doing this
Nayr Tnargh: yeah, I know
Luigi Link: Andy left the Sonic community.
Nayr Tnargh: what the hell happened?
Luigi Link: Morons and retards pushed him to anxiety.
Luigi Link: So I guess Stealth went on a rage.
Luigi Link: And did this to SSRG.
Nayr Tnargh: why does he want everyone to fall?
Nayr Tnargh: I just don't get it...
Luigi Link: he's very emotionally disturbed
Nayr Tnargh: so am I
Luigi Link: join the club
Luigi Link: this is a sad first day of school
Luigi Link: i could've taken a nap if it wasn't for this
Nayr Tnargh: no joke
Luigi Link: i have tristan's aim name
Nayr Tnargh: oh
Nayr Tnargh: give 'im the scoop
Luigi Link: maybe you would be better qualified, since you're a fellow emuzoner
Luigi Link: it's TSSZNews
Nayr Tnargh: that's his AIM?
Luigi Link: yes
Luigi Link: Is Tristan going to report that it wasn't a hack?
Nayr Tnargh: he isn't entirely convinced
Nayr Tnargh: where's web archive?
Luigi Link: dr. ivo having stealth confirm it was him isn't convincing?
Nayr Tnargh: nope
Luigi Link: search for "Wayback machine"
Nayr Tnargh: got it
Luigi Link: how's the "recovery effort" going?
Nayr Tnargh: pretty well
Nayr Tnargh: if I could contact Navi...
Nayr Tnargh: he's got the damn password needed for uploading...
Nayr Tnargh: I might have to log off and call him
Luigi Link: great
Spreading the new....
dmmcool X: hey
Nayr Tnargh: howdy
dmmcool X: do you know what's the "deal" with the Area 51 mb?
Nayr Tnargh: yes
dmmcool X: was it stealth?
Nayr Tnargh: the SSRG is no more
dmmcool X: figures
Nayr Tnargh:
Nayr Tnargh: is the new board
dmmcool X: ahh Thanks
Nayr Tnargh: no prob
Nayr Tnargh: the SSRG will be restored in the next 48 hours
dmmcool X: who's gonna restore it?
Nayr Tnargh: me
dmmcool X: ah
Nayr Tnargh: I made an announcement in General Discussion
dmmcool X: I know someone that has most of the stuff from the site
Nayr Tnargh: who?
dmmcool X: or so he says (he's trust worthy)
dmmcool X: Mystic
Nayr Tnargh: Is he online?
dmmcool X: dunno if he has aim
Nayr Tnargh: :/
dmmcool X: but he's in #srb2 (on mysteria)
Pulling together...
ymtx81z: When I get a board...... one of these damn friken days........ I'm only going to have about 1 or 2 admins besides myself
Sasuketea: nayr!
Sasuketea: :-)
Vestpocket has entered the room.
Davdeclerck: Well, now gtg.
Nayr Tnargh: ...
HezMan2000 has left the room.
Luigi Link: Hi Dr. Ivo.
OmegaAlpha86: bye


Nayr Tnargh: i'm scared
ymtx81z: Bye David
ymtx81z: BOO!
First JohnnyUK: lemme be an admin sax! *hides*
Davdeclerck: Allez, tchao les ùecs, à la prochaine !
leprechaunstue: For an Admin you need someone who is dedicated, respected, hardworking and not power hungry. If you dont have any of that then your sure to fail :-)
First JohnnyUK: cya DD1
Sasuketea: lol
Nayr Tnargh: the SSRG is finally gone...
Luigi Link: Erm.
OmegaAlpha86: its ok Nayr
OmegaAlpha86: ill hold you
Davdeclerck: Bye.
Sasuketea: Is Jan still on our side?

I have a feeling it will be back

Davdeclerck has left the room.
SUperSOnic A51: Dr. IVO! You Will be an Admin at the Replacement Board!
Nayr Tnargh: thanx
Luigi Link: In order to be an admin, you need to worship me.
Sasuketea: and will he share this supposed beta?
Luigi Link: Erm kidding.
First JohnnyUK: =P
SUperSOnic A51: Digi is hosting it
OmegaAlpha86: 8-)
Nayr Tnargh:
Luigi Link: I modded Area 51 before.
Luigi Link: I'm raitonal.
First JohnnyUK: for abou 6 days?
Luigi Link: You gots ta believes me.
First JohnnyUK: =P
SUperSOnic A51: I'm gonna be a mod prolly
Luigi Link: 'til the end of the ezboard run
ymtx81z: Yes...... but an admin should treat EVERYONE with respect..... even the idiots (unless they do things deliberately)
Nayr Tnargh: I'll admin
Luigi Link: me too
First JohnnyUK: =P
Luigi Link: i want to help the community
SUperSOnic A51: I'd admin
Luigi Link: reunite
Vestpocket: Hi! Where is this replacement board?
SUperSOnic A51: I do a good Job
Luigi Link: and lead to a better future
First JohnnyUK: I would if u would let me. im not gonna say "ADMIN ME OR DIE!" lol
First JohnnyUK: =P
Luigi Link: Paid for by the LL for Admin committee
SUperSOnic A51: ask DigitalZepher
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ymtx81z: And if anyone is picking on somebody for no reason, issue a discussion between them.... don't get involved, but simply ask what's going on
Cooljerk01: urgh.... another?
Nayr Tnargh: it'll take more than destroying the main page to destroy the entire community

it still exists

ymtx81z: Too many people want to be admins!!
ymtx81z: Aaaah
Luigi Link: but seriously folks
Cooljerk01: ?
DigitalZepher: I'm almost done the MB
First JohnnyUK: XD
HappyHappyistAJ has entered the room.
SUperSOnic A51: I can do a good admining job
Cooljerk01: huh?
Cooljerk01: *is lost*
Luigi Link: andy left
Luigi Link: stealth got mad
OmegaAlpha86: a51 is down
SUperSOnic A51: A real good Job
Luigi Link: the end
HappyHappyistAJ: Ugh.
Luigi Link: I'd do a great job, I'm very responsible.
leprechaunstue: I'd admin but I wouldnt want the place to get like Area 51 did, Although if I did it i could guarantee id be a lot more tolerant than some of the people here. Plus people wouldnt want an evil doctor to admin ;-)
OmegaAlpha86: you not so happy
Luigi Link: And I contribute a lot.
OmegaAlpha86: MRhappy
HappyHappyistAJ: Why not just have somebody other than Stealth make a new Area51(somebody who can be trusted) and boom, problem is solved.
SUperSOnic A51: I am VERY tolerent,and Barley Flame

notes message on archived SSRG

Luigi Link: we are
Luigi Link: would an election work?

I think you can safely look foreward to good futures for both Organized Chaos and the SSRG itself.- Stealth

ymtx81z: I have HUGE plans for a message board.... whenever I can get one.
Nayr Tnargh: I've been around for five years now
First JohnnyUK: I couldnt care WHO is admin - just as long as they listen to one main admin instead of goin insane..
First JohnnyUK: =P
Sasuketea: where's Jan?
Nayr Tnargh: yeah...
First JohnnyUK: The SHaCk!
First JohnnyUK: w00t
Nayr Tnargh: where IS jan?
DigitalZepher: <there it is
Sasuketea: ya
Luigi Link: He's not having AIM.
ymtx81z: The SHaCk!! =D
Sasuketea: he still own any area51 that comes around, right...?

is there an IRC room?

Cooljerk01: I told yall
Cooljerk01: I predicted this would happen a year ago
Cooljerk01: Everyone flamed me. Everyone told me I was crazy
ymtx81z: I predicted too...... but didn't know it was going to happen so soon
Cooljerk01: WHO IS CRAZY NOW?!
OmegaAlpha86: everyone perdicted it

is the sonic fan games site up?

Cooljerk01: I predicted this BEFORE stealth had shut down the board for the first time.
Luigi Link: "failed sending e-mail"
First JohnnyUK: O_o
Luigi Link: UnsupportedSN1: I think you can safely look foreward to good futures for both Organized Chaos and the SSRG itself.- Stealth

ehh... I see you are using aim 4.7 or below
it should be  :-\

ymtx81z: Oh well.... I have no pitty for A51 personally...... yes it's wrong that it be hacked, but that's the "only" credit I give to it. I've been sick of it for a long time. First time I left, and second time I was banned....... =P
DigitalZepher: DO NOT REG YET
leprechaunstue: How so good buddy?
First JohnnyUK: _
ymtx81z: TimeMachine

*switches back to weath in hopes aim works*

PClemTeen1: Woah, I almost hit submit.
Luigi Link: too late
leprechaunstue: Shall we SHaC now or SHaC later?
weathd has entered the room.
Cooljerk01: welp, good ridens, SSRG
First JohnnyUK: later
Luigi Link: shouldn't have given us the link
[email protected] has left the room.
Cooljerk01: see you in hell.
Cooljerk01 has left the room.
First JohnnyUK: thanks to ZTnet..
First JohnnyUK: sax cant move the domain name
First JohnnyUK: -_-
SUperSOnic A51: We have a board!
Luigi Link: add one more to the people who are happy SSRG are gone
SUperSOnic A51:
ymtx81z: Later is better...... but you guys can always see the archives if ever needed of course
weathd: true
HappyHappyistAJ: Hmm...I guess I couldn't really care about the A51..I mean I went that for quiet a long time, but slowly started dropping off of it becuase to me it seemed to be loosing it's "edge" I guess. It got kinda weird there I thought.
SUperSOnic A51:
SUperSOnic A51:
SUperSOnic A51: JOIN!
Nayr Tnargh: just did
SUperSOnic A51: A new a51 Board has come!
Nayr Tnargh: GAH!!!!
Nayr Tnargh: SSRG
Nayr Tnargh: email
Nayr Tnargh: gone
SUperSOnic A51: no
SUperSOnic A51: aww
Luigi Link: this is a terrible tragedy for many people
Sasuketea: Hey Nayr, do you by chance know what the "The Lounge" the mention is??
Nayr Tnargh: no I did
HappyHappyistAJ: ..That's why you never rely on other people for things like that.
Sasuketea: *they
weathd: cant join
Luigi Link: it's sonic 1 beta music apaprently
TTwistedIllusion has entered the room.
TTwistedIllusion: whoa
Luigi Link: LocalH was right.
HappyHappyistAJ has left the room.
TTwistedIllusion: Hi
Vestpocket: About what?
Nayr Tnargh: what about the lounge?
Luigi Link: If we focus around one place too much, if it all goes away, it'll leave a huge dent.
Nayr Tnargh: there was mention of a Sonic 1 beta...
Nayr Tnargh: but that's all
Luigi Link: sonic 1 beta music
ymtx81z: Huge dent indeed
TTwistedIllusion: This sucks
Sasuketea: just music?
Sasuketea: this SUX
ymtx81z: Which is why several SHaC sections will be globally distributed
SUperSOnic A51:
SUperSOnic A51: Spread the Word
TTwistedIllusion: Wanna bet one of these people is stealth?
First JohnnyUK: sax:?
SUperSOnic A51: nope
TTwistedIllusion: I cant believe this
Nayr Tnargh: I'm on
TTwistedIllusion: my day was going so well
Luigi Link: so who's gonna administrate
Luigi Link: this was my first day of school
TTwistedIllusion: Can I help?
Luigi Link: the end of an era indeed
ymtx81z: What's confusing or questionable Johnny?
DigitalZepher: Grauh took Stealth's place =P
First JohnnyUK: ymtx81z: Which is why several SHaC sections will be globally distributed
Nayr Tnargh: whoever posts fastest gets to be admin!!! (j/k)
First JohnnyUK: =P
Luigi Link: someone go retrieve the archives from the latest source
Luigi Link: we need those
First JohnnyUK: yea
Luigi Link: before it's too late
TTwistedIllusion: I wish i could
weathd: from what?
weathd: which archives?
Luigi Link: like from the emuzone back up or whatever
weathd: would that be up to date?
ymtx81z: Well.... you remember what I said in the meeting, correct?
Vestpocket: The phpBB archives?
weathd: no it wouldn't
First JohnnyUK: sort of =P
Luigi Link: Forum lineup: FAQ Forum, General Discussion, Everything Else, Archives, (hidden) Lounge,
Luigi Link: Yes, the phpBB archives.
ymtx81z: Many sections will be zipped up and made downloadable on other websites
First JohnnyUK: koji has a log of it
SUperSOnic A51: I am Setting up The new PHPBB
Nayr Tnargh: uh, guys?
First JohnnyUK: oh!
First JohnnyUK: that!
First JohnnyUK: yea
Nayr Tnargh:
First JohnnyUK: I like tht idea
First JohnnyUK: =)
Nayr Tnargh: BREAKING NEWS: SSRG HACKED!9.5.2002 -First at TSSZ, a developing story on the SSRG enduring a second attack in its history. Full information when we get it here at TSSZ News.
DigitalZepher: I'm finally doing somthing good
Luigi Link: hacked?
Luigi Link: who?]
Vestpocket: It hasn't been hacked.
TTwistedIllusion: what?
weathd: Breaking news out of the SSRG--an apparently successful hack attempt was made on the Sonic Stuff Research Group. This is the message left at
TTwistedIllusion has left the room.
Luigi Link: That message is so Stealth though.
Nayr Tnargh: don't point fingers
Luigi Link: We've been pointing them for a while now.
Nayr Tnargh: it sounds like something I'd do back in 8th grade
Luigi Link: I'm in 8th grade, unfortunately :-(
weathd: :-\
weathd: same issue
Nayr Tnargh: oh
Vestpocket: It wasn't hacked!
Luigi Link: We all think it's Stealth, Nayr.
Luigi Link: Though maybe you're right.
Nayr Tnargh: fine...
Nayr Tnargh: I'll ask him
Luigi Link: We shouldn't go pointing fingers.
weathd: either a smart well-planned hack, or stealth is acting wierd
Luigi Link: We need to wait until everything comes in.
Nayr Tnargh: ever heard of "framing"
ymtx81z: tSf gone too?
Vestpocket: It's Stealth. I spoke to him minutes ago.
ymtx81z: Geeze
Luigi Link: someone needs to tell tristan
weathd: does stealth still use Mstealtha?
TTwistedIllusion has entered the room.
Luigi Link: yeah
TTwistedIllusion: I dont think it was hacked
Nayr Tnargh: no can do
ymtx81z: Not hacked?
Nayr Tnargh: his e-mail is gone
ymtx81z: Please give more information Ivo
Vestpocket: He isn't being framed. No, it hasn't been hacked.
Nayr Tnargh: all of the emulationzone acounts are
DigitalZepher: SFGHQ is down?
ymtx81z: So..... it's either Stealth or Andy.....?
weathd: whoever did this is a nasty little son of a bitch
weathd: :-\
TTwistedIllusion: I heard andy left
weathd: no offense
Luigi Link: It's Stealth, Dr. Ivo said.
weathd: I hate to say that about stealth, but where was his right to do that?
SUperSOnic A51:
TTwistedIllusion: One nice person, just went insane
First JohnnyUK: GRUAH
SUperSOnic A51: What!
TTwistedIllusion: i guess anyone will snap
weathd: I thought the SSRG was a community.. that's why pages couldnt be taken off of it
SUperSOnic A51: I set it up!
First JohnnyUK: we've seen it about 50 times now =P
weathd: it can now just suddenly be shut down
PClemTeen1: I have the highest post count in the new MB so far. =P
ymtx81z: You know what?
First JohnnyUK: what? =P
Nayr Tnargh: I'm talking to Tristan about the SSRG right now...
ymtx81z: I can't stand Stealth........ BUT...... being the person I am, I'm going to talk to him in a 'kind' manner anyway
ymtx81z: I don't know why or how.... but I just feel it's right
weathd: it might not be him after all, just a really good framing
TTwistedIllusion: saxman is restarting SHaC?
Vestpocket has left the room.
Luigi Link: stealth's on aim right now?
TTwistedIllusion: maybe
Luigi Link: i can't see him and i usually an
ymtx81z: Brb
DigitalZepher: The Backup A51MB is up
Nayr Tnargh: I'll restore the SSRG
Nayr Tnargh: on another server
Luigi Link: yay nayr, you're our hero
TTwistedIllusion: I hope I can be an admin at the A51:Backup
SUperSOnic A51: Mod
SUperSOnic A51: Hows a Mod
TTwistedIllusion: or a moderator
DigitalZepher: =P
Luigi Link: i need a link
PClemTeen1: What's the difference between a mod and an admin?
TTwistedIllusion: I dunno
Luigi Link: here we go
DigitalZepher: I'll explain
weathd: moderator vs admin
Luigi Link: mod can just delete, edit, and close posts/topics
Luigi Link: admins can do board things like adding new forums, changing schemes
DigitalZepher: Admin can set forum settings, even boardwide
SUperSOnic A51: yup
TTwistedIllusion: Oh, well, I hope to be both
DigitalZepher: Admins have Mod powers built in
PClemTeen1: In that case, I could be a moderator for the backup MB.
SUperSOnic A51: 1 More mod
TTwistedIllusion: I hope I get to be either
First JohnnyUK: =P
Luigi Link: can you make the forum descriptions a bit more "professional?"
SUperSOnic A51: jUK wanna mod?
SUperSOnic A51: Gimme Some Ideas
Luigi Link: i want mod or admin or whatever
Luigi Link: wherever
SUperSOnic A51: ok
Luigi Link: however
TTwistedIllusion: I loved the ssrg
PClemTeen1: I want mod.
TTwistedIllusion: This is twisted
First JohnnyUK: sure I'll mod
First JohnnyUK: =p
DigitalZepher: Not too many mods =P
SUperSOnic A51: ok
DigitalZepher: 2 Max per forum
TTwistedIllusion: Super, can I be a mod
SUperSOnic A51: PC,Twist,Johnny,and LL will Mod
TTwistedIllusion: Cool!
PClemTeen1: :-D
Luigi Link: are there two different boards?
PClemTeen1: three boards
Luigi Link: o.o
DigitalZepher: we can rotate ever so often
TTwistedIllusion: O.o
Nayr Tnargh: I want to mod
Nayr Tnargh: please
Luigi Link: when nayr restores SSRG to another server we need to go and save the archives immediately
Nayr Tnargh: I've never been a mod...
Luigi Link: mods should be forum wide, i think
Luigi Link: and have access to the lounge :-)
TTwistedIllusion: yeah
PClemTeen1: :-)
TTwistedIllusion: it would be nice
Nayr Tnargh: where's the webarchive site?
DigitalZepher: How do you make an admin only board?
TTwistedIllusion: I dont know
SUperSOnic A51: I'll try
SUperSOnic A51: PC is now a mod
PClemTeen1: ^_^
SUperSOnic A51: next up TWISTED!
TTwistedIllusion: oooh, im festive
TTwistedIllusion: lol
TTwistedIllusion: j/k
First JohnnyUK: lol
leprechaunstue: Um SSRG and Area51 have fucked up and all you people are worried about is being Admins on a new board? I dont get it o.o
DigitalZepher: once Jan or LOst regs, I'll hand over the admin's syaff over to him
Luigi Link: caches on google
Luigi Link: useful things
Luigi Link: my the sonic 2 project is in there, though
SUperSOnic A51: JOHNNY UK!
First JohnnyUK: *shits self*
First JohnnyUK: what?!
First JohnnyUK: lol
SUperSOnic A51: It Has come
SUperSOnic A51: Mod
First JohnnyUK: =P
First JohnnyUK: =D
PClemTeen1: His name is still blue.
First JohnnyUK: w00ty.
PClemTeen1: oh nm
SUperSOnic A51: nayr may be an admin Cause he is setting up the new SSRG
Luigi Link: tristan isn't entirely convinced that it wasn't a hack
SUperSOnic A51: LL Sign up
DigitalZepher: John, you don't like the twitchy lips smiley?
Luigi Link: link peas
TTwistedIllusion: Ok, this is getting good.
TTwistedIllusion: what about beta?!
TTwistedIllusion: thats not good
TTwistedIllusion: his computer...
Luigi Link: i mean supersonic, but thanks digital anyway
SUperSOnic A51:
PClemTeen1: I see Edit, Delete, and IP on everyone's posts. :-D
TTwistedIllusion: me 2
Luigi Link: thanks digital :P
SUperSOnic A51: Same
First JohnnyUK: me 3
First JohnnyUK: =P
DigitalZepher: feel free to look at mine
SUperSOnic A51: I am an Admin
SUperSOnic A51: And mine
SUperSOnic A51: If anyone finds a good skin,lemme know
SUperSOnic A51: or Style
Nayr Tnargh: I have a july 20th 2001 cache of the SSRG
PClemTeen1: I'm gonna make an official spam topic in EE in the new MB.
SUperSOnic A51: YAY!
DigitalZepher: =P!
SUperSOnic A51: PP *shot*
Nayr Tnargh: currently transfering data to my friend to upload
SUperSOnic A51: ok
First JohnnyUK: btw
First JohnnyUK: just so u know
TTwistedIllusion: I gotta go. :-(
SUperSOnic A51: Nayr will prolly be an admin
First JohnnyUK: saxman has gone for dinner =P
Luigi Link: i've been registered for a while now
TTwistedIllusion: bbs(Be back soon)
DigitalZepher: sure
TTwistedIllusion: wait
SUperSOnic A51: LL will become a mod
TTwistedIllusion: you mean sax is gone?
Luigi Link: who are the admins
First JohnnyUK: he'll be back
SUperSOnic A51: It says no Such user Exists
SUperSOnic A51: Me and digi
DigitalZepher: I'm merely holding it
SUperSOnic A51: Nayr will be one soon
TTwistedIllusion: how come PC is the only one in green?
SUperSOnic A51: odd
First JohnnyUK: im in green =P
DigitalZepher: until LOst or Jan come along
TTwistedIllusion: im not
SUperSOnic A51: Im in yeller
First JohnnyUK: cos im U83r *bricked*
TTwistedIllusion: not in the main area
Nayr Tnargh: e-mail now sent to friend... I hope he checks it or I'll be rather P'Oed
Luigi Link: well i guess insighyt and understanding don't cut it for an admin job. oh well, i'm happy
SUperSOnic A51: Well,if you can mod
TTwistedIllusion: Why am i not green?
SUperSOnic A51: You are
SUperSOnic A51: LL I will make thee a mod
OmegaAlpha86: It's not easy being green
DigitalZepher: refresh the page
Nayr Tnargh: Cyan's hacking guide is being restored...
Vestpocket has entered the room.
Luigi Link: Dr. Ivo will be a mod or admin?
SUperSOnic A51: NAYR!
SUperSOnic A51: Admin
DigitalZepher: How's the speed everyone?
SUperSOnic A51: good
SUperSOnic A51: LL your an Mod
Luigi Link: need to clean up the forum descriptions a litle bit
SUperSOnic A51: Gimme Some Ideas
Luigi Link: General Discussion: Come here to discuss Sonic secrets and findings. Also, hacking discoveries may be posted here. Anything off topic will be moved to Everything else.
SUperSOnic A51: ok
Luigi Link: Everything Else: Everything not covered by General Discussion will be talked about here. No spam posts, please.
SUperSOnic A51: No
SUperSOnic A51: Removes the Spam part
SUperSOnic A51: We can Spam here
Luigi Link: Oh. yay.
First JohnnyUK: as long as theres no bandwidth problems..
Nayr Tnargh: was anyone talking to me? I'm getting a few other sites...
Luigi Link: should we have a general sonic forum?
First JohnnyUK: well..
First JohnnyUK: yea
First JohnnyUK: thats what I said since the begining!
First JohnnyUK: it would b better =P
DigitalZepher: you have a staff plan
First JohnnyUK: (IMO)
DigitalZepher: Unlimmed everything
Vestpocket: I'll be back in a bit.
Vestpocket has left the room.
Nayr Tnargh: If Jan doesn't have a copy on his computer, I've got a cache of his site...
Luigi Link: South Island: Talk about anything Sonic the Hedgehog from your favorite games to fanfic releases to why Sonic the Hedgehog the cartoon is better than Adventures of STH.
SUperSOnic A51: Anything Sonic is allowed In GD
Nayr Tnargh: I have X-teams page! XD
SUperSOnic A51: As long as it ain;t spam or Somthing stupid
weathd: is it possible andy took down the ssrg?
Luigi Link: then should we have a hacking forum for releases of hacks and tools and stuff?
SUperSOnic A51: ok
DigitalZepher: if stealth reggs and posts, The first thing he will see is "you are banned from this forum"
SUperSOnic A51: XD
TTwistedIllusion: Maybe, and are you going to put a lounge?
DigitalZepher: need a way to keep normals out
Luigi Link: i don't think we should go that far. it would be nice to see him have to get along with everyone
Luigi Link: as he has no power there, if it DOES become the official forum
SUperSOnic A51: Hacking Forum = Shackers among us
SUperSOnic A51: Stealth's song = Du hast
Nayr Tnargh: SUperSOnic A51: NAYR!SUperSOnic A51: Admin
Nayr Tnargh: what's that mean?
DigitalZepher: you are admin
SUperSOnic A51: You will be an admin for restoring SSRG
Nayr Tnargh: oh
Nayr Tnargh: brb, must finish homework
First JohnnyUK: shall I invite andy? *briked to near-death*
Luigi Link: got no homework
Luigi Link: Andy's nice.
TTwistedIllusion: *bricks ya even more!*
TTwistedIllusion: what if he tells ya
TTwistedIllusion: andy...tells...stealth...
Tomsonic41 has entered the room.
TTwistedIllusion: stealth...hacks...this...
Nayr Tnargh: back
First JohnnyUK: ooo
TTwistedIllusion: NOOOOOOO
First JohnnyUK: hi tom =P
Luigi Link: I assume you saw everything Tom.
Tomsonic41: SSRG files are deleted
Tomsonic41: I just checked
Luigi Link: It's not a hack.
Nayr Tnargh: yup
Nayr Tnargh: I'm bringing them back
Luigi Link: unlike what Tristan thinks
Luigi Link: we need to work in a timely manner
TTwistedIllusion: And if it is, it is one hellova mind control hack
TTwistedIllusion: lol
Tomsonic41: [email protected]#] chmod -R 777 ssrg
Tomsonic41: [email protected]#] rm -r SSRG
First JohnnyUK: Tom - any idea WHY THE hell that happened?
Tomsonic41: Andy left
First JohnnyUK: so?
Luigi Link: yes
Luigi Link: i've been saying that all day
Luigi Link: Andy left
Tomsonic41: And Stealth doesn't want anything else to do with these lamers on SSRG
Luigi Link: that's why
First JohnnyUK: why does that mean stealth should nuke the SSRG?
DigitalZepher: Johnny, why don't you like that 'twitchy lips smiley?
SUperSOnic A51: Yes
First JohnnyUK: cos it looks gay
First JohnnyUK: =P
First JohnnyUK: its nothign like a person laughing =P
TTwistedIllusion: Maybe stealth is gay and hes mad and andy lived with him and moved out. Ewww
Luigi Link: it's kind of like when someone does something bad and the teacher punishes the whole class
TTwistedIllusion: just a theory
Luigi Link: so the class hates the guy
SUperSOnic A51: Shackers Among us
SUperSOnic A51: XD
Luigi Link: when they just hate the teacher even more
Nayr Tnargh: no making fun of Andy and Stealth
SUperSOnic A51: ok
TTwistedIllusion: sorry
TTwistedIllusion: it was just a theory
Luigi Link: yeah i'm tired of it
Nayr Tnargh: they were the oldest members of the SSRG and it wouldn't exist without them
Luigi Link: they're people too
TTwistedIllusion: true
Tomsonic41: Nobody made fun of andy and stealth!
leprechaunstue: TTwistedIllusion: Maybe stealth is gay and hes mad and andy lived with him and moved out. Ewww
leprechaunstue: :-P
Nayr Tnargh: thankyou
Luigi Link: *adds to the quotefile*
TTwistedIllusion: lol
SUperSOnic A51: Use my Quote
SUperSOnic A51: The one about Stealth
SUperSOnic A51: needing secx
leprechaunstue: i thought that was FoS's
Sonicblr has entered the room.
weathd: hmm, im the only blue user at the new phpBB
SUperSOnic A51:
dust hill guy has entered the room.
TTwistedIllusion: hmm
DigitalZepher: o.o
SUperSOnic A51:
SUperSOnic A51: I Picked 3 mods and 1 admin
Luigi Link: there needs to be a lounge, zepher
DigitalZepher: How to keep normals out?
Tomsonic41: Invite only
Luigi Link: i think you just assign forum rights to the mods and admins
Luigi Link: and invite them
Luigi Link: what tom said TTwistedIllusion: but...
Tomsonic41: I wonder if stealth will ever see the error of his ways and put the board back from the tape backup
Luigi Link: tom was a mod on the old board
TTwistedIllusion: maybe
Sonicblr: Stealth lives in Calfornia. He doesn't have access
Luigi Link: custom titles?
TTwistedIllusion: Why no lounge?
DigitalZepher: custom titles smpe people will get them
Tomsonic41: I'm not flying out to MI to restore form the tape!
Sonicblr: No, not you. :-P
Tomsonic41: Particularly with Sept 11 so close
Sonicblr: AJ Freda lives in MI....
TTwistedIllusion: Creepy
Tomsonic41: He could go and break into the server room
Luigi Link: how do you enter in your pictures?
Sonicblr: Heh... No. Maybe Andy will fix it when he get's home from work
dust hill guy has left the room.
weathd: really.. um, why am I showing up blue instead of green/
weathd: ?*
weathd: is that self-identity?
SUperSOnic A51: You arent a mod
weathd: oh, so im the only on the board right now who isnt a mod
TTwistedIllusion: Ill be back later
TTwistedIllusion has left the room.
Pikachu623 has entered the room.
Tomsonic41: Stealth _might_ give back some sites to people on a CDROM
Luigi Link: bullshit
Sonicblr: Bah... He'll charge you for it
Tomsonic41: Nobody saw this coming though so you wouldn't have a chance to back up
weathd: you can get them online anyways
Luigi Link: nayr is backing it up as we speak, i think
SUperSOnic A51: I put up a locked forum
Tomsonic41: He can't, the files have been removed
SUperSOnic A51: It will be the lounge
Sonicblr: I always have a local copy of my sites....I've got a local copy of all 500+MB of Mp3's on :-P
Sonicblr: (And most mp3's arent' even mine)
PClemTeen1: If the lounge is locked, how can you post in it? O.o
Tomsonic41: TSSZ still reckons the SSRG has been hacked
Luigi Link: Nayr restored Cyan's hacking guide.
DigitalZepher: Grauh, your messing things up
Luigi Link: Dr. Ivo talked with Stealth and confirmed it was Stealth.
Tomsonic41: I'm not going to the new board yet!
Luigi Link: That won't convince Tristan.
SUperSOnic A51: ok
Tomsonic41: We'll take this one back by force if we have to
Pikachu623: No, Tristan is offline now. Talked to him earlier
DigitalZepher: I found the setting
Tomsonic41: I could restore the entire board with a couple of mouse clicks but I don't want to interfere with admin decisions
weathd: Pikachu = ?
Nayr Tnargh: this is horrible...
Luigi Link: jan is in charge of the board
Luigi Link: stealth ruins board
Tomsonic41: Does Jan have AIM?
SUperSOnic A51: no
Luigi Link: jan didn't decide this
Sonicblr: I dont think so...
SUperSOnic A51: He has ICQ
Luigi Link: stealth didn't ask jan if he could do it
Tomsonic41: Logically it should be Jan's decision
Sonicblr: I've got his ICQ number, but he hasn't used in in at least a year
Pikachu623: SonicAD. Changed my name awhile ago but usually use this since I'm more known by it
Luigi Link: restore the board so we can get the archives
Tomsonic41: Ask him whether he wants the board reopened
Luigi Link: then shut it back down :P
Tomsonic41: The A51 board is in a different directory.
Tomsonic41: I'm backing it up now
Tomsonic41: (then deleting it *evil laugh*
Sonicblr: I got a better idea! Let's flood stealth's e-mail...erm.... wait....
Luigi Link: but i can't see it
DigitalZepher: can't see lounge?
Nayr Tnargh: I'm making a universal post right now
Tomsonic41: I'm gonna back up the A51 board onto my Linux machine
Nayr Tnargh: you'll see it soon
weathd: what linux distro?
Tomsonic41: Then I can mess around with it without having to screw up
Tomsonic41: Debian r3
weathd: always feel like asking :-)
Sonicblr: DAMN! Gotta run. :-(
First JohnnyUK: lounge???
Sonicblr has left the room.
Tomsonic41: If I screw the board on my Linux box it won't matter. (rm -r a51board)
First JohnnyUK: I see no lounge =P
Tomsonic41: If I screw it on the SSRG server, that's a different matter
Tomsonic41: Lounge is only for admins I think
weathd: I saw it earlier
First JohnnyUK: GAH
SUperSOnic A51: o
weathd: it had a lock icon
First JohnnyUK: =P
Luigi Link: there's only two admins
SUperSOnic A51: Now it Dunt
Luigi Link: why would you have a lounge for only two people
SUperSOnic A51: It is set for mods
SUperSOnic A51: not admins
Tomsonic41: Who wants a backup of the Sonic 2 Beta site (Simon Wai)?
First JohnnyUK: I see nothing =P
weathd: refresh your webbrowser
weathd: =P
Tomsonic41: I have it on CD
Luigi Link: he gave you a CD?
First JohnnyUK: I still see nothing =P
PClemTeen1: I refreshed my browser, still no Lounge.
Tomsonic41: No, I DLed it to CD before this happened
leprechaunstue has left the room.
SUperSOnic A51: odd
SUperSOnic A51: Lemme Look at dis
Luigi Link: try
Luigi Link: it's the link on s2beta board
First JohnnyUK: ok, I'll brb.. in about an hour =P
leprechaunstue has entered the room.
SUperSOnic A51: now try
Sonik Studios has entered the room.
Sonik Studios: WTF IS UP WITH AREA51?! I finally return and ... ...
OmegaAlpha86: uh oh
OmegaAlpha86: someone tell him
Tomsonic41: I keep getting 'failed sending email' when I try to register on the new board
SUperSOnic A51:
Luigi Link: there's a very small chance that this is a plot to take down the site for a while then come back with a redesign
Luigi Link: and that it was all staged
Tomsonic41: No, its not
Luigi Link: but very small
DigitalZepher: a bug
Tomsonic41: I can still see the forums
Tomsonic41: (admins can, hehehe)
DigitalZepher: I'll use my ISP's mail
Tomsonic41: Stealth says he's fed up and he's closing everything
Luigi Link: we peasants can't
Luigi Link: he should give the SSRG to someone else
weathd: its his apparently
weathd: not the communities
Tomsonic41: Will I be able to become a mod/admin on the new board? ;-)
weathd: communitys*
Luigi Link: this is the last straw
Luigi Link: :-(
SUperSOnic A51: Tom is an Admin
SUperSOnic A51: He will help fix things
DigitalZepher: proceed
Sonik Studios: GOD DAMMIT! I FINALLY RETURN TO FIND THIS?! Just my luck...
Luigi Link: it happened today
Tomsonic41: 404 error on that link
Luigi Link: it's your lucky day
weathd: i know
Luigi Link: this is my first day of school too
weathd: posted it wrong
SUperSOnic A51:
Tomsonic41: Anyone know when it happened?
OmegaAlpha86: yesterday was mine
Luigi Link: today
SUperSOnic A51: Today
Tomsonic41: No, when as in time
OmegaAlpha86: half day
Luigi Link: evening
SUperSOnic A51: around 4 here
SUperSOnic A51: It changed with a refresh
Tomsonic41: I'm admin on the new board now but theres no 'go to admin panel'
Tomsonic41: Ah wait, there it is ;-)
Luigi Link: Sonique says in response to this whole thing: "Stealth rocks XD"
DigitalZepher: This new board was purely my idea =D
Tomsonic41: Chat dying
PClemTeen1: So this new MB is just a backup for now?
Tomsonic41: yep
Luigi Link: we need jan
SUperSOnic A51: unless it Becomes a true board
Tomsonic41: Jan, Jan, where are you, man?
Sonik Studios: I'm tired of this, I'm not returning to Area51 when it gets restored...
Luigi Link: we can sort it out
Luigi Link: we can sort it out
DigitalZepher: when Jan and LOst regs I'll leave my administrative status
Luigi Link: think of what we're saying
Luigi Link: we can get it out and still you don't think that it's alright
DigitalZepher: ok Tom?
Tomsonic41: yep
Tomsonic41: Tonight I won't be able to sleep because of this thing that's happened with the existing board
Vestpocket has entered the room.
PClemTeen1: No avatars on this MB?
Luigi Link: it's giving my cramps cramps
SUperSOnic A51: You have to put in your own
Luigi Link: hello dr. ivo
PClemTeen1: I went to the Profile page, and the avatar option isn't there.
Tomsonic41: Gah, the PHP scripts for the board don't work on my Linux box :-(
SUperSOnic A51: odd
DigitalZepher: I'll enable them
Vestpocket: Hi!
Sonik Studios: Things will never change, it's gonna happen over and over again... I've always come back because I thought it would work that time... But no... I give up on Area51..
Tomsonic41: Can't you make stealth see the error of his ways and reopen SSRG?
Luigi Link: most of these things have happened because stealth was in charge
Luigi Link: and he shuts down things because of his personal problems that he can't control
Tomsonic41: Give SSRG to my control
Luigi Link: i won't give up the fight
SUperSOnic A51: nor Will I
Tomsonic41: Let me be the big boss and I'll keep everything going
SUperSOnic A51: ok
DigitalZepher: 200X200 is th max sizr for avitars ok?
SUperSOnic A51: Ok
SUperSOnic A51: 200X200 Is good
Tomsonic41: All your SSRG are belong to stealth
SUperSOnic A51: WRONG!
SUperSOnic A51: I'll run the A51 boards along with Digi
Tomsonic41: Y'know, I _could_ de-admin Stealth on the old board...
DigitalZepher: All your Non Stealth A51 are belong to me
SUperSOnic A51: And me
DigitalZepher: yeh
DigitalZepher: and Tom
DigitalZepher: =P
Sonicblr has entered the room.
Nayr Tnargh: I need to go. I'll let you know in awhile how the restoration is going.
Nayr Tnargh: I have someone to call
Commencing reconstruction...
SUperSOnic A51: Nayr,you Restore SSRG
Nayr Tnargh: I'll try
SUperSOnic A51: We have restored a51mb
Nayr Tnargh: I'll contact a friend I know
Nayr Tnargh: I'll put it on
SUperSOnic A51: ok
SUperSOnic A51: cool
SUperSOnic A51: Link a51 to
Nayr Tnargh: which is my site (Gaming secrets research centre)
Nayr Tnargh: it may take awhile
SUperSOnic A51: ok
Nayr Tnargh: I currently contacting a friend named Navi Narem
SUperSOnic A51: ok
Nayr Tnargh: I'm going to make a universal post to try and restore the SSRG in a few minutes... I have an idea to get everything back as quickly as possible
SUperSOnic A51: ok
SUperSOnic A51: Wow
SUperSOnic A51: We all Cannot Be Defeated
Nayr Tnargh: true
Nayr Tnargh: they can knock out a site, but that won't stop the fans
SUperSOnic A51: True
SUperSOnic A51: This is like 9/11
Nayr Tnargh: Tristan's treating that way too ;-)
SUperSOnic A51: Many were killed,but they standed strong
SUperSOnic A51: SSRG was killed,We are Rebuilding
Nayr Tnargh: yup
Everything was going great until...

The death of Area 51

I was not expecting this. I was terrified. Here’s the reaction...

SUperSOnic A51: Hello Are you there?
Nayr Tnargh: yes
Nayr Tnargh: I am
SUperSOnic A51: I am Planning to Take over Jan's Spot on A51
SUperSOnic A51: He left
Nayr Tnargh: *cough* WHAT?!
SUperSOnic A51: So I am Gonna ask Tom If I can Run A51
Nayr Tnargh: Jan left too?!
Nayr Tnargh: Is this a conspiracy?
SUperSOnic A51: Yes
SUperSOnic A51: I dunno
SUperSOnic A51: It was on the cult
SUperSOnic A51: I will NOT let a51 Die!
Nayr Tnargh: all the original guys except Cyan, Tom, and Rlan, and I have left!
Nayr Tnargh: oh and rocket...
SUperSOnic A51: I am Gonna help out
SUperSOnic A51: Make Good Decisions
SUperSOnic A51: No Stupid Mistakes
Nayr Tnargh: =)
SUperSOnic A51: Those Mistakes Caused us 3 Boards
SUperSOnic A51: That is too many
Nayr Tnargh: this is kind of sad that all the original guys are gone...
Nayr Tnargh: *sniff*
SUperSOnic A51: Yup
SUperSOnic A51: I Stole your Sonic 2 Epsillion *shot*
SUperSOnic A51: XD
Nayr Tnargh: Nah, it was my friend's in Longmont, CO
SUperSOnic A51: I remember when they thought you had a beata~
Nayr Tnargh: I remember when I thought I had a beta o_o
SUperSOnic A51: When The New A51 Goes up,the Staff list stays as same
SUperSOnic A51: But nemesis and SMT As mods
Nayr Tnargh: k
SUperSOnic A51: *White Reflection From Gundam Wing Plays*
SUperSOnic A51: Tis' a dawn of a new Revolution
SUperSOnic A51: I sense it
Nayr Tnargh: if only some the original guys were there to do it with us =(
SUperSOnic A51: Yes
Nayr Tnargh: I must go
SUperSOnic A51: Cya
Nayr Tnargh: I'm heading to a friend's house
SUperSOnic A51: ok
Nayr Tnargh: the same one who was going to upload SSRG
SUperSOnic A51: Ahh
SUperSOnic A51: Good
Nayr Tnargh: of course, we have nothing to worry about now, right ~_^
SUperSOnic A51: Yes
Nayr Tnargh: bye
SUperSOnic A51: bye nayr

That just about explains it all. Jan announced that he was finished. In fact, this announcement started a chain. Several people left. The SSRG french translator, Cyan Helkaraxe and several others.

The Early Scene

SSRG soon was restored by Andy. He transfered ownership to Tom, but soon just took it over himself. On other boards, however, Luigi Link started a topic that many felt was very important. The topic was called “The Early Scene”. It was asking how the early hacking scene was. It soon turned into a nostalgic topic, where Nayr had a strange idea... could it be possible to get things back to how they were before? This was the beginning of an attempt to pull the SSC out of the downward spiral it was taking. Little did Nayr know, but someone was here to help that along...

Simon Returns

Incredibly enough, Nayr mentions he can’t get in touch with Simon. A few posts later, Simon posts. Simon was now back with the announcement that he didn’t intend to abandon us again so quickly. It wasn’t long before Simon did what everyone (except the official message board) had been hoping for...

Sonic 2 Beta returns to Simon

Simon announces that he wants to moderate S2B again and start his own MB again. Pelord willingly handed over the site, but the other MB members were divided. Some headed to Simon’s new board, some remained on the old one (the name changed to Sonic Classic). You can find Simon’s new site and board at

SSC becomes SSRG

Though subtle, this is very important. Andy has the board’s name changed to SSRG. A committee is formed for decision making for the community. Politics had finally taken the community. Luigi Link once put it SSC: 99% politics, 1% secrets and hacking. Andy seemed to want control. As my history teacher says “No one willingly gives up power.” This was very obvious now. Yet Andy seemed to break this law. He was giving up ownership to someone who wanted to take it over. He would review the applications and see who was best fit for the job...

Andy hands over SSRG ownership

Andy did it. He handed over ownership to someone named Chaos. It seemed all was going to change. That was, of course, until Sonic Cult (Pachuka as the representative) wanted to call a truce between SSRG and Sonic Cult...

The SSC Civil War

Who could have thought that a three letter word could split a community and destroy the oldest Sonic Secrets site? Chaos said yes. With the announcement, Andy came back and ripped authority from Chaos. Andy promptly destroyed the SSRG and ever since has been trying to destroy Sonic Cult. While Andy had some reason to be angry with Sonic Cult, he had given up power. Pachuka saw this opportunity and has been trying to turn the entire community against him, thus making Pachuka seem as a savior or martyr. The corruption continues...


Believe it or not, some good came during this period... here we are.

Music hacking

saxman did this single handedly. He figured out how all the music worked and how to port outside music into the games. Very intriguing...

Sonic Advance hacking

Yes, it finally happened. A hacking guide was put together for Sonic Advance. I don’t know much beyond that...

Sonic Secrets Center (“Epicentre”)

The Epicentre / SSC was the major achievement of this era. It proved that a community could pull back together quickly and orderly. We should learn a lesson from that and try to do it now.

Sonic CD Hoax

At the very end of this era, it happened. People thought another beta had been found. Of course, it was actually a simple, yet clever hack by Nemesis. Another breakthrough in the scene, as this is the first non-megadrive Sonic game to be hacked to this degree...

Message Boards

The message boards all took a major hit, except (strangely) Sonic Classic and Sonic 2 Beta. Perhaps Sonic Classic’s ridicule and “exile” if you will managed to make them a tad more stable than the other “political” boards. Sonic 2 Beta was an attempt to get back to basics and ignored the downfall all together. It remained the only secrets based site out there to survive this disaster unscathed for a very long time.

Sonic Classic (Pelord’s “Sonic 2 Beta”)

The same zaniness as ever. It brought forth new ideas as the board adopted another “mascot” in Megaman in an attempt to follow the individual who posted the most, Sonic Sue. This group was the last one to move away from EZboard technology.

Sonic 2 Beta

Classic old school fun with a unique attitude (something like a modernized Golden Age attitude), this board was the only thriving Sonic Secrets board at the time. Hoaxes, realizations, even theories, this had become a haven for those who want to go “back to basics”.


The site was in a state of disaster as it was finally deleted with the SSRG. Membership has been dropping rapidly.

Sonic Cult

With the “false savior” effect, Sonic Cult has gained incredible amounts of popularity and is quickly making its way to becoming the new SSRG. The message board, becoming the new SSC.

D. Members