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<forumuser name="RyogaMasaki" /> RyogaMasaki joined the Sonic scene early in Area 51's forum history. Originally posting fan theories about the nature of some prototypes and other oddities, he moved on to actual research and content with finding a few unused graphics in the Sonic CD 510 prototype, providing scans of game ads, doing a short interview with Jim Tretheway, assisted Pachuka with obtaining Sonic Eraser from the short-lived Sega Game Toshokan service (translated the Japanese purchase page and made the first download), and has generally tried to use his Japanese language knowledge where needed.

His site at the time of his activity on Area 51, the Shadow Zone, was relatively small and not well known, but maintained a small base of people. It was intended to be a more organized archive of lost information, much like Area 51 and SoStH were, but in more logical, laid out format. It was also a home a few unique articles, such as the Sonic Clich├ęs and the DEBUG MODE, which was a monthly contest at recognizing a zoomed in, small part of a Sonic level. Originally hosted on the long-lost, the Shadow Zone tried to apply to join the SSRG, but was rejected, and the site was ignored, and died.

After the infamous schism at Area 51, Ryoga followed Pachuka and others in breaking away to join Sonic CulT, Pachuka's then small Sonic information site. Ryoga gave what was left of tSZ to Pachuka to use in any way he saw fit, and the basic design of tSZ was incorporated in the new CulT's design (which still exists a little bit in the form of the dark grey Sonic silhouette background).

He was one of the founders and members of #area51 and later #cult.

Ryoga left the cult not long before Pachuka officially gave it up and sold it to Sazpaimon. Fading interest in modern Sonic games was the primary reason. He has occasionally posted on the Retro forums in the ensuing years, but mostly in the interest of just catching up on any new hacking or prototype finds.