X. Astray and Confusion Abounds

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X. Astray and Confusion Abounds
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X. Astray and Confusion Abounds -- after persistent measures taken, the hacker gives up for the time being and retreats into dormancy. Two pinnacles of strength are all that remain of the community...

Mysteriously, the hacking attempts cease. The hacker, only known as SSS, seemed to have let go of his grudge and moved on. Who exactly was SSS? He was none other than the person who destroyed the SSRG and SSC, just like he said! It was Pachuka! Out of the dust two remaining strongholds of the community come forth. The two strong Sonic styles at this point: Sonic Classic and Sonic Cult. Both are bitter with each other, just as the SSRG and The Cult had been in the past. Would this never ending grudge be the straw that broke the camel's back?

Overall happenings and history

Not much to go on so far. Just read on to find out what's happened so far...

Sonic Classic moves

The last board to make the switch, Sonic Classic (formerly Sonic 2 beta) finally switches to Invisionboard on their new host, project nemesis.

Sonic Classic vs. Sonic Cult

It finally happened. The last of the people opposing Pachuka rose up to take Andy's throne. Long before Sonic 2 Beta and The Cult had serious disagreements. Since that day, they had been against each other. While most claimed that they didn't, the prejudice and tension still existed. Finally, it all broke loose in a simple post by Cult founder, Pachuka:

Title: Pachuka Girls go 'Round the Outside

"I figure since I used an Eminem quote last time, it would be amusing this time.

A lot of people would like to see me silenced, but I don't go away that easy. If you haven't figured out who I am, I am PACHUKA.


Right. This is mostly directed to the whole conflict going on here, and my two cents. Don't like it? tough.

I've been in an out of this community for years now. The CulT is close to 4 years old. I've seen a lot of people come and go, and a lot stay. Some I've liked, some I've hated.

I didn't really "settle down" and be a regular until the Area 51/S2beta ezboards. Back then was quite a bit different. A lot of myth, a lot of random crap. No better then today. To say "it used to be so much better" is really a lie. 

There was still drama, still websites and forums getting hacked, and still a lot of problems. So I attempt to focus on current issues. So, what ARE the current issues? A majority of it HERE seems to be the administration. 

So, let me go into my personal history with this subcommunity.

A while back I joined A51, and then shortly after this community. A LOT of people disliked me. A LOT. Including people who are regulars at the cult, and people I consider friends.

I began posting. This was when Sue was in her "missing period". Don't know the story behind it, and I also don't care. But she came back. During this time, I was having a lot of fun at both forums, sometimes pissing people off, sometimes making everyone happy. Then my conflict here started.

The board had creeped to an all time slowness at the point I was banned, so I was having fun bumping posts that were older then Christ. Then I started posting "forum images". I was posting them after certain dumb posts and silly posts, but mainly because there was NOTHING to reply to and the board was dead quiet.

These were those images:

At that same time, Sonique, a friend of mine was doing one of the two above mentioned actions, I forget which, but Sue tore into her a lot more harshly then she should have. It was very mean, nasty, and derogatory. So I threw a fit.

Their conflict was taken care of in the middle of my fit. I was posting my images like mad, and I received a warning in one post, that if I posted another, I was to be banned. Of course, Sue had managed to find one of my derogatory posts that was posted before her warning, and banned me for it. Not really because of the images, but because I disagreed with her actions with Sonique. So time passed.

Stuff happened, discoveries made, people got older, seasons changed, yadday yadda. began. My forums started. A51 died. (
No, not because of me, but because of Jan. The ezboard was my fault)

At this time, I started posting on my forums how much I disliked Sue and this community in general. (Allthough the dislike stemmed from the complete and total unquestioning way mst people followed her)

At about this time, LocalH became a MOD on my forums. (what a convenience)

LocalH decided it was his job to put on his superman outfit and save his damsel in distress. So he started cluttering up my forums and turning them to sh!t. I got so damn tired of dealing with his propaganda on -MY FORUMS- that I gave him the boot. 

Time passes. LocalH Attepts to form a "peace agreement" between me and Sue. I keep disagreeing, but he keeps pressuring. I cave in, and I go ahead with it. I wait for close to 2 weeks for her to contact me, but she was too afraid to. So I went to the s2beta chat and confront her. "Peace" is worked out.

I post a message under my roomate's screen name saying that the conflict is over, and I wouldn't contnue it. I would post this single message there and leave them alone. I planned on doing so.

A little while later, I was informed that Sue and LocalH were talking boatloads of shoot, causing more conflict, and basicly being the lying scum they are. So I lurked at s2beta, hoping for them to slip up. I began posting again. 

I often pushed at the rules setup, trying my best to be rebanned without beaking the rules. I eventually was, and it was funny, and I went right back to Sue and s2beta bashing. Why not? If they can, I can.

Soon, it became obvious that anyone that was attached to me in any way, my friends, people who visited my forums would be punished for those actions. 

Koji, Turbokiller/Boritz, Grap3, and countless others were sh!t all over for this.

But there was allways an excuse. The rules were often brought up and bent in the favor of Sue so she could get rid of cult members and other undesirables. It became obvious with time that she was doing this, which caused many of the people here today to dislike her and her attitude. 

You may have seen the listing of posts in NON-support of her.

Time has a habit of exposing people. And recently, that's what's happening. People are realizing the fraud and deception going on.

Then the classic Sue covermessage: "I'm only doing my job enforcing the rules".

No. You're using the rules as a basis to rid yourself of conflict you can not overcome. There are often times you don't follow the rules or even enforce them if they suit you in a situation. You are the true essence of the term "Nazi". You are controlling, manipulative, and you rid yourself of people you dislike, because they don't agree with you.

Wanna know why I keep attacking you? Because you keep attacking me. You attack me by plotting behind my back, you attack me by banning and verbally attacking people who just so happen to agree with me, and you attack me by simply trying to keep people from my site/forums. You are guilty of all these things. Care to disagree? Go ahead, I have the materials to prove it. And you know I will.

For people non-directly involved or uneducated about what I'm speaking of, your dear Sue and LocalH were planning on "pulling a stealh" on my forums while LocalH was a mod there, They talked of plans of having me DDoSed (Basicly killing my online connection or harming my PC), contacting my ISP and trying to have my service canceled, not to mention the fact that they used HyperShadowDC as a "puppet" to pump me for information, and all kinds of sh!t.

I have the logs to prove it:

Of course, I must explain how I got these before someone points at me and yells "hacker, hacker!". LocalH must have been moving his logs from one location to another, because he zipped them up, and uploaded them to his webspace. One day, I follow an image of his back to that directory, and of course, te directory is open wider then tsalami's ass. So I picked through it, and found 2 zips full of logs.

And to tell you the truth, even -I- was shocked about how much stuff they had trye
d to do to me and other people. I invite you to open any of those logs and do a search for "pac". That will often bring you to the juicy details. Especially any of the Sue logs.

In closing, this is what -MY- side of the conflict is, since you've only been subjected to one side of the issue. I'm sure a few of you will simply brush it off and go "pachuka is a jerk, I don't agree with him simply because I'm a braindead follower and only view the sides of my pals". But a few of you who actually have more brains then illegaly obtained ROMs might want to pick through this post and that link. 

You'd be suprised.

ps. to staff here: I'll be linking quite a lot of people to this post the second it's posted. I suggest not tampering with it, as you will probally get hit HARDER with people attacking you for poor desisions. "

This became a huge issue. Nearly 300 posts from members tried to fight for or against Pachuka, none working correctly. Bryn made the following analogy as to what would happen should things continue: "Imagine a city that's got two gangs in it, and these two gangs constantly have street brawls and gun wars, over things like drugs and cash. Eventually, the police in the city give up and just allow the gangs to run amok. The innocent residents of the city get so pissed off that they simply pack their bags and move on. The city falls into disrepair and all that's left are about ten gang members, who promptly kill one another until the very last one is left with all the crap and a desolate wasteland" After much further arguing, it became clear that neither side would win. There would have to be a truce. It finally happened. Here I quote both sides of the truce, one from Local H and the second from Pachuka: "I hereby retract everything in those logs that I said against PACHUKA, and apologize for merely talking about possibly trying to get the Cult shut down, even though I never actually did try to. I apologize for all the BS, and all the zealotry. I'm willing to forgive PACHUKA for all he's said and done, if he's willing to do the same likewise.

I do have one request - I would like to be unbanned from the Cult, since I cannot post on saxman's boards because of my IP ban there."

Then Pachuka did the same:

"I would like to apologize to the Sonic Classic community for the following actions:

Posting pictures of a offensive nature Replacing images people hotlink to with cocks, anuses, and testicles. Making fun of the fact that Sue is in a wheelchair, and calling her names such as c*nt, wh*re, b*tch, sk*nk, and many others. Making fun of LocalH about various things, stealing his logs and publicly posting them. Bumping old topics Flaming insulting various members some other crap I forgot"

This officially ended the final tensions between The Cult and any other community for a very long time.


Just look below...

Original Sonic 2 hacking document found

Found by Nayr T'nargh on an old hard drive, the community finally gets to see how far hacking has come since its infancy.

Message Boards

Seeing as it's nearly all that's left from the hacker, here's what we got...

Sonic Classic

Moved to invision board and agreed to a truce with Sonic Cult.

Sonic 2 Beta

Still in the neutral zone, it was not affected by hackers. It's not very active, but still continues plugging along.

Sonic Cult

Got flooded by newbies after the decline of other boards, things are uncertain... However this could be partly caused by the treaty signed with SClassic: land of the newbies...


On March 3, 2003, Tom decided he would revive SSC for the final time. It is unknown whether the weak reincarnation of the original Area 51 board will reclaim its former glory. At the moment, things look dismal...