II. Dawn

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II. Dawn
III. Ethiopia
IV. “The Golden Age”
V. Hackers
VI. The Dark Age of Light
VII. The Cleansing
VIII. A New Start
IX. Deception: The Hacker
X. Astray and Confusion Abounds
XI. Conclusion
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II. Dawn -- The Sonic community gains another subsection

To be honest, I’m not sure when it finally broke off from the other sites. It was certainly on the minds of others, though. Sites like Virtual Knothole Village, which was in a ring of sites that were “loyal” if you will to Team Artail (whose webmaster was Artemis Prower). Not much is known about this era. There were honestly scattered sites that covered details about "missing levels", but they were generally not focused on this on its own. The real hype was caused when André Dirke announced that he had a copy of the Sonic 2 Beta ROM.... which leads us into our next section. More will be added here as time goes by.