I. Introduction

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Hidden Palace Zone: ACLA-ATD4
by Nayr T'nargh.
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I. Introduction
II. Dawn
III. Ethiopia
IV. “The Golden Age”
V. Hackers
VI. The Dark Age of Light
VII. The Cleansing
VIII. A New Start
IX. Deception: The Hacker
X. Astray and Confusion Abounds
XI. Conclusion
XII. Versions
XIII. Credits
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Hello! I’m Nayr T’nargh. The Sonic secrets community from it’s “birth”, actually more of a realization by observant eyes, covers nearly a decade worth of history. Back in the earliest times, history was passed down by word of mouth. Anyone who has played the game where you tell the person next to you a phrase and then they pass it around the circle knows that when you get the phrase you created back, it’s not quite the same and even quite possibly entirely different. It wasn’t until history began to be written on paper or some other media of record that history began to stop shifting around as much. It’s been six years. In six years, people come and leave the scene (possibly even returning later) and new people come and leave the scene. The history of our group is rarely mentioned and certainly not recorded. We are not immortal and unless something is recorded, our history will eventually become a legend which will pass into myth where it is eventually forgotten. I had realized this for quite awhile, but never took action, feeling that it wasn’t my concern to begin with. That was until Simon attempted to reclaim his website and message board. Simon was flamed by many new people. Only those that had been around since Simon’s era and those who had heard the history (or were just reasonable folk =) seemed to support Simon’s decision. What finally made this happen was, without quoting exactly and without pointing fingers, when someone said that Pelord maintained the site better than Simon. While I’m not going to go into issues between this supposed “community split”, I will say that Pelord didn’t just start maintaining S2B, he was asked to by Andy. At this point I realized that the history of this community was already deteriorating and action needed to be taken! At this point, it wasn’t long before I contacted Luigi Link...

We both agreed to create a history of the Sonic Secrets Community. Please note that we are not trying to copy what Pachuka and RattleMan are working on. This was in planning about two months before they even made that post. Now sit back and enjoy the history of the Sonic Secrets Community!