VIII. A New Start

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VIII. A New Start
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A New Start -- a broken community scatters to other boards, namely Sonic Cult. Some, however, drag SSC out of the burning ruins of SSRG in hopes of “righting old wrongs”

It happened. While Sonic Cult gained popularity through a popular rise of degradation, gay jokes, and one-sided view of the facts (even though Andy is more at fault than Pachuka here), survivors brought SSC out of the ruins of SSRG with the hopes of creating a SSRG like site with a better system (more like it was in the beginning). The question that was posed was would it be a fun based site like the original goal was, or would it be made better through a political constitution with the current trend towards a politically based community? Or something entirely different...

Overall happenings and history

Not much here so far, it’s only been a couple weeks, all...

SSC re-established

The SSC was re-established not long after it fell. While that’s good, it never truly recovered from the shame that Andy had brought to it and Pachuka found great pleasure in pointing that out. Since SSC was associated with Andy, it drew ridicule from Sonic Cult.

Chaos resigns

The former “owner” of the SSRG finally leaves. A sad notice at the door. He left the restoration attempt in charge of Tom, the last of the members from the beginning.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The community was in such ruins at this time that the only secrets information happening anywhere was mostly as Sonic Cult and to a degree on Simon's new board. No more discoveries were being made, because everyone was too pre-occupied with politics in the SSRG's branch of events. What started out as a community for fun had become a huge political debate as the children that had started it turned into politically minded adults.

Message Boards

The message boards... how many will be left by the next period?

Sonic Classic

Sonic Classic moved from EZboard finally and set up stay at a server run by Sonic McTails. It stayed here and drifted even further away from the Sonic Secrets Community.

Sonic 2 Beta

Still the same classic secrets info. If anyone survives, this will be the site. UPDATE: Did I call it or WHAT?? ~.^


Though out of the fire, it was still trying to recover from its wounds. Though the head had been replaced, the blood quickly started flowing to Sonic Cult and to a lesser degree to Sonic 2 Beta... thanks to Andy.

Sonic Cult

Sonic Cult was fueled by the blood it drew from the ruins of SSRG and SSC. Without a secrets based environment, they wouldn’t be able to continue. Holding grudges and making fun of people turned into generic bullshit by a bunch of "wannabe hardcore" Icy Hot Stuntaz. This fate would be avoided this time around, but this would become a recurring theme for a long time.


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