Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 Xbox Live demo)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 Xbox Live demo)
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Action

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 Xbox Live Demo) for the Xbox 360 was once publicly available through Xbox Live Marketplace. It is currently only available for re-download to the Gamertags which have downloaded the demo when it was publically available for download. The demo was first posted online on September 27, 2006 and has a size of 314.50MB.[1]

The demo plays out in Sonic's first section of Kingdom Valley and the level as well as the game itself contains some differences from the final version. It also contains the game's 2006 E3 trailer but without the dramatic voiceover.

Various Differences


  • The curvature of the Homing Attack goes downwards and can be used to improve momentum rather than reduce speed.
  • Different enemy and item placement, no medals.
  • Rings will fly out in a wider circle when hit.
  • Immediate re-spawn after losing a life, the screen will not black out.
  • Sonic never falls back from hitting a wall and never gets temporarily paralyzed from being clipped to the sides of the walls.
  • Most trails of rings are Light Dashable.
  • Sonic will fall from ceilings instead of standing in place (e.g. the high cave full of Egg Bombers).
  • Camera angle shots were added in the beginning spiral path of the level.
  • Camera control is much slower.
  • Action Gauge starts out empty but is fill-able by defeating enemies although it fills up much more slowly than its final version counterpart. Nothing happens when the Action Gauge is full. The first of the three bottom-right squares are colored in red showing a non-existent Custom Action to be Level 1. The bar below the Action Gauge also has a small bit of red filled in which is always empty in the final.

Visual & Sound

  • Title screen uses one of the last riffs from His World (Ali Taba. & Matty Lewis version) instead of using the song's introduction.
  • The title screen's and pause screen's options refer to the demo with "Play Demo" and "Quit Demo" respectively.
  • The control scheme is shown during the level's loading.
  • The music and the screen will not fade out after the last life.
  • The visual effects of the Homing Attack are a little different.
  • No flashy visual effects for Spin Dashing.
  • The Bound Jump's "shockwave" is yellow-white instead of blue.
  • Surfing on the wind paths won't produce the appearance of wind debris being cropped up from the character's feet.
  • No voice sound effects except for subtitled scripts, no scripts on the results screen.
  • Pressing A or X on any option in the pause menu will not produce the "confirming" high-pitched sound effect heard in the final and will instead produce the same "cancel" sound used for pressing Start or B.
  • There is no results music, although after extracting the demo's files you will find the unused results music.


  • 1-UPs score 0 points instead of 200.
  • After obtainment, 1-UP capsules will stay empty after losing a life.
  • Light Dashing earns a Good! bonus and point increments increase for combo'ing them together.
  • Hitting a rock pile, scattering them, is worth 20 points and hitting any of the scattered rocks are another 20 points each. In the final version the rocks will disappear immediately when scattered but the initial pile is still worth 20.
  • The Egg Searcher wields three respawnable flying guns that are worth 100 points each instead of 0 like in the final. The Searcher itself is also worth 100 points and any guns that the Searcher was armed with upon its defeat will get added in to the point total. (e.g. Searcher with 1 gun = 200 pts.). Defeating a Searcher when it's armed with all three guns earns the player a demo-only Radical! bonus (e.g. Searcher with 3 guns = 400 pts. + Radical).


  • Control stick navigation for the title and pause screen is extremely sensitive and can only be properly navigated by using the directional pad.
  • Egg Bombers can crawl in mid-air, most often seen with the first set.
  • Home Attacking empty 1-UP capsules will have Sonic stuck in place and then dropped down.
  • Completing the level with a timer that's 20 minutes and 1 second or over will result in an S-rank regardless of score.
  • In most cases, if the player earns a Good!, a Great!, and a Radical! bonus in any order and in a short enough time between each, then the player will earn -2,112,941,584 points causing the score to maximise to all 9's. Completing the level with this score will cause every factor besides the time to be maxed out to 9's. (video).

Collision Detection

  • Prone to clip through walls usually from Spin Dashing next and into the wall as well as running into walls at high speeds often from being launched from a speedy Light Dash.
  • The long quarter-pipe ramp before the goal has a collision hole at the bend on the right side.
  • The ceiling collision barriers that obstruct the player's running path are missing in the high cave full of Egg Bombers making it much easier to run on the ceiling and do loop-de-loops.


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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 Xbox Live demo) (YouTube)

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Install Demo to Xbox 360 (YouTube)

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