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Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
Level: Aquatic Base
Fought by: Sonic

The Egg-Wyvern is the fifth and final boss of Sonic's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Only the blue hedgehog fights this battle; Shadow faces Mephiles Phase 2 as his final encounter, while Silver fights Iblis Phase 3.

After travelling back in time a day with help from Silver's Chaos Control, Sonic races into Aquatic Base to prevent the ill-fated launch of the Egg Carrier - a voyage which is destined to end in Elise's death. Sonic hops onto the Doctor's skyship during its departure; but Robotnik is disinclined to hand over the Princess without a fight.

The battle against the Egg-Wyvern takes place on a gantry suspended underneath the disintegrating Egg Carrier. True to its name, Robotnik's machine resembles a dragon built out of red iron, and sports a varied array of armaments, from ultraviolet lasers to homing missiles, energy-beam drones, and tail-mounted electric harpoons. The Egg-Wyvern also sports armour plating which is too thick for Sonic to attack directly.

To defeat the boss, Sonic has to wait until Eggman attempts to knock the hedgehog off by sweeping directly over the suspended platforms. In the same style as with Egg-Cerberus, Sonic has to grab the machine's antenna and control its movement to crash into any of the falling pieces of superstructure from the Egg Carrier. Over the course of the fight, Eggman will gradually whittle away the number of platforms for Sonic to stand on, which makes it considerably harder to avoid the homing missiles and area-of-effect laser attacks.


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