Mephiles Phase 2

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Mephiles Phase 2
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
Level: Dusty Desert
Fought by: Shadow
See also: Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles Phase 2 is the final boss of Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Only the black hedgehog fights this battle; Sonic faces the Egg-Wyvern as his final encounter, while Silver fights Iblis Phase 3.

Having chased Mephiles through Wave Ocean, where Omega blasted the demigod into a nebulous black cloud, Team Dark continue in pursuit to Dusty Desert. However, they reach the central chamber too late to prevent Mephiles from acquiring another Chaos Emerald. After attempting one last time (unsuccessfully) to switch Shadow's allignment, he coats the floor in seething shade and attacks.

Gameplay-wise, Mephiles begins by bombarding the arena with the mini-shadows he used during the previous encounter. Larger fare follow, however, as giant, faceless shadow-monsters claw their way up from under the floor. These enemies stay in one spot, just strafing the area with purple laser beams periodically. As in Mephiles Phase 1, Shadow has to defeat enough of these enemies to charge the Chaos Control bar; triggering it dispels the black ichor from the floor and renders Mephiles vulnerable to attacks. As his health dwindles, Mephiles flees towards the roof of the chamber; Shadow has to follow by carefully using Homing Attacks to ascend a trailing spiral of floating monsters and land the final hits.

During the subsequent cutscene, Shadow attempts to seal Mephiles in the Scepter of Darkness again. Things do not go so well as they did in Aquatic Base, however; Mephiles breaks out, destroys the Scepter, generates an army of clones, and then heads off to kill Sonic and destroy the universe in the Last Story. Oops.


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