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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #05
"High Stakes Sonic"
Written by:
Production no.: 238-105[1]
Country: United States
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1993-09-20 $? ?
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High Stakes Sonic is the fifth produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the eleventh aired during its original syndicated run. Sonic befriends a flock of sheep which he must rescue from Smiley the Shark, a card shark which gambles with lives, and Robotnik.

Episode summary

The show opens with a card Shark named Smiley the Shark playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with an opponent named Louis that appears to have lost several games beforehand. He loses and is sentenced to 10 years labor. He boards Smileys van which takes him to his future workplace. It passes Sonic and Tails as they are picnicing. Apparently it is the third bus that has passed Sonic and Tails that day. After a fourth bus passes them they go into town to investigate it. Smiley is shown playing against a flock of sheep. Sonic plays on their behalf and wins for the sheep. He then plays a game on his own and overloads the robot dealer, who apparently couldn't handle losing a game.

Smiley is shown placing a call to Robotnik to report his loss. Robotnik reveals the fate of the workers that were on the bus. They are working for Robotnik and building a Sphinx in honor of Robotnik. They are also working on Casino Night Zone. He sends Grounder to open up Casino Night Zone and Smiley heads off to look for gamblers to go to it. He loads the same flock of sheep which previously won against him onto the bus and takes them to Casino Night Zone. After playing a slot machine the sheep lose their wool and are given a barrel to wear in its place. After its revealed that the sheep are close to owing their lives to Robotnik Sonic steps in to win their freedom again. He dons Mario-like suspenders and a red shirt to pretend he is a electrician. Scratch and Grounder don't recognize him and give him the key to the controls in the basement and Sonic goes downstairs to open it. Sonic fixes the odds of the machines in the Casino and the sheep win once again.

Sonic leaves Tails in the nursery with a babysitter and runs off to the dam. Sonic places a large slot machine on top and tricks Scratch and Grounder into pulling the lever. They win and a stream of water comes out of the coin drawer and washes them off the side of the dam. Back at the nursery Tails falls into a trap door which the babysitter has just opened. He is quickly put into a cage.

Sonic returns to look for Tails and meets Smiley. Smiley shows him a picture of Tails in a cage. He makes Sonic participate in games in order to win his friend back. Robotnik reveals that if he loses he will get Tails back, but if he wins 1,000 Mobians will be freed. Sonic and Grounder navigate a course and Sonic loses the first part of the race intentionally. After Grounder taunts Sonic, Sonic stops losing intentionally and digs underground to find Tails. After finding him he returns to the surface and wins the race. Robotnik tries to keep the 1,000 prisoners anyway. Sonic don't care for this and heads off and frees the prisoners while defacing Robotniks monument. The sheep ask to be Freedom Fighters.

Sonic Says segment

This episode of Sonic Says teaches the value of using caution on a train track. Scratch and Grounder sit at the edge of a bridge and ready themselves to race across it. Unfortunately as they race across a train heads at them from the other side. They wind up having to leap off the track to avoid the train. Sonic warns that it's better to play it safe than to take a life-risking chance.

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