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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #10
"Big Daddy"
Written by:
Production no.: 238-110[1]
Country: United States
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1993-09-23 $? ?
Momma Robotnik's Birthday | Sonic's Song

"Big Daddy", also known as "King Coconuts,"[2][3] is the tenth produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the fourteenth episode aired during its original syndicated run.

Episode summary

The episode opens with Coconuts chasing Sonic with Dr. Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic vehicle. Sonic causes Coconuts to crash into a mountain. Coconuts tells Robotnik about the crash, only for the doctor to get angry and launch him out of an opening in the ceiling, sending him an a "permanent vacation". Robotnik goes down into a chamber and monologues how he will unleash a monster that will help him control the universe. Later, Coconuts is shown landing in a tree near a young ape named Boom-Boom. The ape latches onto Coconuts as a father figure. Coconuts uses this attachment to lure Boom Boom into helping him capture Sonic. Coconuts attempts to get Sonic to run underneath Boom-Boom who is holding up a boulder to throw on Sonic. It backfires as Coconuts has the boulder thrown on him instead.

Boom Boom tells the story of how his true father disappeared long ago after being put into a cage. Sonic promises to help find his father. The monster Robotnik talked of earlier turns out to be Boom-Boom's father. Robotnik uses a mind control device to manipulate Boom Booms father into causing destruction. Coconuts goes to tell Scratch and Grounder and they attempt to capture Boom-Boom by disguising themselves as his father. Sonic gives the fake Boom Boom several tests to determine if he is actually Boom-Boom's father and they are revealed as fakes.

Boom-Boom's father is found later in a mountaintop helping Robotnik. When Sonic approaches Boom Booms father he uses a weapon to try and shoot Sonic but misses. Boom-Boom stops his father by destroying the remote control to the mind control device.

Sonic Says segment

Sonic revisits the same characters and reunites them once again, warning the viewer to always tell their parents where they are going and when they'll be back as bad things can happen when they don't.

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