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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #60
"Hero of the Year"
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Country: United States
Tails' Tale | Fast and Easy

Hero of the Year is the 60th produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Several characters featured in previous episodes return, including Robotnik Jr from Robotnik Jr., and Breezie from Lovesick Sonic. About 1/3 of the episode is comprised of clips from previous episodes.

Plot Cynopsis

The show opens up with Wes Weasley being robbed by Scratch and Grounder whom blockaded the road with a pile of rubble. Sonic arrives to rescue him and as a reward he tells Tails that he wants to throw a a surprise dinner for Sonic and his friends aboard his yacht. Tails then heads off and starts inviting Sonic's friends: Breezie, Robotnik Jr, Sergeant Doberman, Professor Von Schlemmer, Mad Mike, Big Grizz, and Robot. At the party Sonics friends start to reminisce about the encounters they had with him in previous episodes.

Robotnik crashes the party and gives Sonic the ultimatum, surrender or he will sink the ship and drown his friends. Sonic gives up and Robotnik puts him in a airtight cage and lowers it to the bottom of the water. Robotnik double crosses him and puts his friends in cages also and sinks the yacht anyway. It also turns out that Wes Weasley was in on the plan and Robotnik rewarded him a shopping channel in exchange for his cooperation. Scratch and Grounder then throw a celebration to honor Robotnik and show clips of his achievements from previous episodes. Wes Weasley finds out he was double crossed as Robotnik signed the contract granting him broadcasting rights was written in disappearing ink so the agreement is off. He heads off and rescues Sonic who in turn runs off to rescue his friends and confront Robotnik. A derailed train hits Robotnik before he can confront him and gets away.

Sonic Says segment

This episode contains an alchohol related Sonic Says short. In it Scratch and Grounder are seeing drinking an alcoholic beverage. Tails warns them to not drink and Sonic arrives and snatches it away. But it's too late and they collapse to the ground. Sonic then warns the viewer that alchohol is dangerous and addicting and should be avoided at all costs.

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