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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #09
"Momma Robotnik's Birthday"
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Production no.: 238-109
Country: United States
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1993-09-27 $? ?
Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind | Big Daddy

Momma Robotnik's Birthday is the ninth produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the sixteenth episode to air during its original syndicated run. Sonic encounters Momma Robotnik for the first time and has to rescue Tails from her grasp.

Episode summary

The show opens up Robotnik's mother, Momma Robotnik walking through the forest, scaring animals as her weight causes the ground to shake. Eventually the sound reaches Coconuts whom is on guard duty for Robotnik's lab. He promptly reports the sound to Robotnik via telephone. Momma Robotnik smashes through the guard post and works her way to the lab. She breaks through a portion of the entryway and Robotnik asks why she left the "Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers". She remarks that she escaped from there to see Robotnik on her birthday. She requests that the Mobius National Park be destroyed as her birthday present as it spoils her view from the Mobius Home. Scratch and Grounder are ordered to prepare the robot factory as he needs to use special robots for the job.

The special robots are shown destroying the park as Sonic runs to stop them from completing their task. Sonic promptly destroys the robots after they turn their attention on him. After destroying two robots he puts on a disguise and pretends to be a repairman. He takes apart another robot from the inside once he is granted permission to "fix" the robots. The robots malfunction and start attacking Scratch and Grounder instead. Robotnik, and Momma Robotnik show up to view the robots at work and are also attacked by the robots. Robotnik sends more robots but this time to attack a populated area. Sonic arrives and attempts to trick Scratch and Grounder again by dressing as a gameshow host and give away prizes. After they lose, Sonic gives them a consolation prize which must be claimed behind door number two. It turns out to be a years supply of water, which carries them away into a sewer hole after they open the door. Momma Robotnik is shown attacking Robotnik for yet another failure. Momma Robotnik then states she will capture Sonic.

Momma Robotnik enacts a scheme to gain sympathy from Tails by pretending to remorse Dr Robotniks choice to be evil. She plays home videos of Robotnik, some clips showing him as a child. She claims if Robotnik got his fuzzy wuzzy (stuffed animal) he may revert to his old self. His fuzzy wuzzy is supposed to be in an old house in Chaos City. Before leaving, Tails writes Sonic a note telling of his trip and hangs it up where Sonic will see it. Sonic arrives later and gives chase after seeing the note but runs into Coconuts who tries to capture Sonic with a robot that is shaped like a pot of chili. Sonic easily trips the robot and it is unable to get back up. Sonic avoids another trap and makes his way to Tails, who was also caught in a trap. Sonic frees Tails and they attempt to leave but the entryway shuts and the fence surrounding the place becomes electrified. Fuzzy Wuzzy, who turns out to be a creation of Robotnik jumps out of the cake. The Fuzzy Wuzzy steps on a rope connected to the electric fence and is incapacitated. Shortly after, the authorities pick up Momma Robotnik and take her back to the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers.

Sonic Says segment

This episode of Sonic Says teaches about the value of trees. It opens with Sonic in a area with stale air. Sonic then runs to a wooded area. He explains that forest air is superior as plants and trees produce fresh oxygen. He asks that if any viewers live in a city to plant a tree.

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