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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #02
"Subterranean Sonic"
Written by:
Production no.: 238-102
Country: United States
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1993-09-16 $? ?
Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad | Lovesick Sonic

Subterranean Sonic is the second produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. It was the ninth episode to air during the show's original syndicated run. Sonic has to team up with Spelunk the Mole in order to guard treasure from Robotnik.

Episode summary

The episode opens with Robotnik lamenting Sonic and pondering if he will thwart his plans to rule Mobius. He tells Scratch and Grounder to go after Sonic, who is in the Marble Zone. He launches them there off a springbound platform and they land near Sonic and Tails and quickly give chase. They stop at the edge of a cliff and confront each other. Sonic and Tails run at them but they leap into a Water Geyser after the water stops spouting. He and Tails fall into and wander an underground tunnel which was hidden in the geyser. Scratch and Grounder give chase again. They walk into a treasure filled cave and meet Spelunk the Mole whom is guarding the treasure. As he lights a cannonball launcher Sonic tells Spelunk that he and Tails are Freedom Fighters. Spelunk ignores this and launches a cannonball at them. They manage to outrun it and the cannonball hits Scratch and Grounder instead.

Sonic and Tails find a mine cart track and follow it up a trail only to get chased down it by Spelunk in his mine cart. Sonic puts into effect a plan to stop him and prevents him from running into some turtles that were passing the track in front of him. As Sonic and Tails run back up the trail Spelunk pulls a lever which causes the rail to turn into a slide and they slide back down and into a cage.

Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder head back to the cave to get Sonic and the treasure. Scratch and Grounder can't remember where it was so they start to dig underground in the spot they are at currently. They find the cave shortly after they start digging their first hole. The ground above gives way and Sonic and Tails almost fall into a trap door that was in the cage. All 3 villains fall into the trap door instead and Sonic and Tails escape. The 3 villains grab onto the side wall before they can hit the ground.

The ceiling continues to crumble and a large chunk nearly falls on Spelunk, but Sonic pulls him out of the way in a nick of time. Sonic drills a hole through a mass of rocks which block the only way out of the cave. They have to navigate a hallway of swinging Spiked balls. Sonic gets through and stops the spiked balls from swinging by holding up a thread which blocks their path and they stop swinging. The 3 villains climb back up the hole and start to load up the treasure when they find it. Sonic and the Mole come up with a plan to stop them by threatening them with an audit. The distraction gives Sonic a chance to take back the treasure and Spelunk lights some explosive powder which sends the villains flying away.

Sonic Says segment

This episode teaches the benefits of sharing. It opens with Tails revealing he has a hotdog. The mole from this episode sits beside him with a bowl of chili. Sonic runs in with the idea of sharing the food and creating chilidogs for everyone there. Sonic combines them all and tells the viewer that sharing can make "everyone happy".

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