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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #27
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Production no.: 238-127[1]
Country: United States
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1993-09-22 $? ?
Submerged Sonic | Musta Been a Beautiful Baby

"Boogey-Mania," also known as "Dream On,"[1] is the twenty-seventh produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the thirteenth to air during its original syndicated run. The episode gained new life on the video sharing platform YouTube as a meme, the line "Snooping as usual, I see?" being repurposed for comedic effect.[2]

Episode summary

This episode starts with Sonic working on a lunch after traveling with Tails. All of a sudden, a weird clown character appears nearby, driving a car, and after fixing his car's wheel, he takes Tails' lunch and goes away, into Professor Von Schlemmer's cave. Coconuts is hidden in the cave as well. When Sonic and Tails get inside, Von Schlemmer tells them about the dream machine, capable of turning dreams into reality. After this, Coconuts tells Robotnik about the machine; he then formulates a plan to, once again, take over Mobius.

The doctor then demands Scratch and Grounder to kidnap the professor and steal the dream machine (Coconuts also kidnaps Tails). Back at Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik forces Von Schlemmer to turn the dream machine into a nightmare machine, and throws Tails into the cell. Sonic then finds some bolts in the cave, and goes pay Robotnik visit, as the Professor finishes the machine, and ends up in the cell. Sonic finds some keys, rescuing Tails and the Professor; but just then, the machine unleashes the Boogey Man, apparently from Dr. Robotnik's first nightmare.

Sonic escapes the monster and takes Tails and Von Schlemmer to safety; however Robotnik still has the microphone. Robotnik uses the monster to take over the village while Scratch and Grounder steal various items. The professor then invents a machine, called the Dream Kadoodle, that puts people into dreams. They use it to enter Dreamsville, where the dream meister gives Sonic and Tails the instructions to get rid of the Boogey Man; they then come back to the real world and formulate a plan to bring a junk food monster to fight the Boogey Man; the food monster wins the battle.

Sonic Says segment

The Sonic Says Segment on this episode teaches the value of getting a good nights sleep. Tails decides to stay up to watch the Late, Late, Late Show and as a result he is too tired to take a hike with Sonic. Sonic lets him sleep in as he looks at the camera and gives a message on getting enough sleep.

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