Arthur Mongoose

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Not very much is known about Arthur Mongoose, a character in the Sonic Archie Comics. He's the father of Mina Mongoose and ended up noticing Mina's mother Isabella Mongoose one day when she was being chased by enemy soldiers known as overlanders. Arthur managed by using his sword to defeat all the overlanders and rescue Isabella. Later down the road, Isabella and Arthur would fall for one another, marry and have a daughter called Mina Mongoose in the year 3220 on October 11. However Arthur would end up dying leaving behind his wife and daughter. Though they haven't forgotten him, Mina brings him up occasionally whether when trying to be encouraged to do something heroic because of his heroic deed, or simply trying to wonder how love works and thus how him and Isabella noticed each other in that special way. Isabella on the other hand thinks more on the lines of how he'd be like if he were here to see his daughter today, in her heart she mentally expressed how she feels he'd be proud of their daughter's achievements.


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