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Sonic the Hedgehog #001
"First Issue"
Cover date: July 1993
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1993-04-27[1] $1.25 ?
? $1.50 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #1 is the premiere issue of the ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. Like its predecessor, the book continues to use early concepts from the Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog television show.

The issue would be reprinted in Sonic the Hedgehog Archives Volume 1, Sonic Legacy Series Book 1, Sonic Super Digest #6, and as a stand alone book for Free Comic Book Day 2008.

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Meet Me at the Corner of Hedgehog & Vine

Dr. Robotnik, while destroying a pinata shaped like Sonic the Hedgehog, is approached by one of his Swatbots who has developed a mechanical pitcher plant it calls Krudzu. Meanwhile, in Knothole Village, Antoine D'Coolette leaves the village to pick flowers for Sally Acorn to impress her, only to be caught by the Krudzu that a burrobot set up in the forest. Sally and Sonic run to the surface to see Antoine tied up by the plant. Sonic grabs him, while still tied up by the plant and returns him to Knothole as Krudzu continues to grow in the forest.

Sonic and Sally send Antoine to Boomer[sic] to help release him from the Krudzu. Boomer brings out a chainsaw (which causes Antoine to faint) to trim the table that Antoine is on. With him unconscious, Boomer starts ripping the plant off Antoine and throws it in a bucket. Tails, who is walking by, notices the bucket full of Krudzu and waters it, freaking out the others.

Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik watches as the Krudzu take over the Great Forest, ordering his buzzbombers to head for it when the Freedom Fighters leave their secret base. In Knothole, the Freedom Fighters watch as the watered Krudzu suddenly short-circuits. This gives Sonic an idea to water the forest, but his plan is stopped by Sally and Tails as they tell him that a storm is on the way.

Just as expected, a storm rolls over the forest, pouring rain and short-circuiting all the Krudzu. Robotnik, in his anger, throws the burrobot from earlier into his robot disposal.

You Bet My Life!

The Freedom Fighters are having an issue, and only Sonic seems to know how to fix it: how to correctly fold a map of Mobius. While folding it up, Boomer tells Sonic they located where Dr. Robotnik was performing a big speech in the Casino Night Zone. Sonic speeds out of Knothole Village to the Zone to see what's up. Arriving at the Zone, he enters a casino called Renobotnik, which is full of gambling Badniks. He finds the theater, where Robotnik will be showing off his new invention, and goes to a Swatbot in a suit for a seat, but is denied until he receives a tip. Robotnik, meanwhile, is backstage preparing for his speech. He looks out to see Sonic entering the theater.

Rather than giving the Swatbot a tip, Sonic runs past him and gets a seat in the front row at center. Robotnik comes out, showing his newest Badnik, the Orbinaut. He tests it out by having it throw one of its spike balls at Sonic, who successfully hits him. Dazed and confused, Robotnik has Sonic put in a transparent ball and placed in a large pinball machine. Robotnik plays around with the Sonic pinball machine, having him get shocked and hit by many bumpers.

Sonic's ball exits the machine, but as Robotnik prepares to put him back in, a Swatbot arrives alerting him of somebody winning fifty cents in the casino. Robotnik walks away in anger to see the winner, giving Sonic a chance to escape. Using his quills, he cuts through the ball, but doesn't escape. Robotnik returns with a hammer, after having dealt with the winner, and reinserts Sonic into the pinball machine. He pulls back on the plunger, but the force of the return hitting the cracked ball destroys it, freeing Sonic. Now free, he enters a spindash and destroys the machine. The orbinaut goes to attack him, but Sonic deflects the spike balls back at Robotnik and the Swatbot. He dashes out of the casino, having placed a bomb, and watches from a distance as the building is destroyed, throwing Robotnik and the unprotected orbinaut high into the air.

Sonic returns to Knothole Village only to find out he has another problem to solve: the case of the child-proof cap.

I'd Like to Thank...

Boomer and Sally are giving out the first annual 'Acorn Awards'. The first award is for 'Outstanding Resourcefulness Against Robotnik's Swatbots'. Sonic wins, taking the award from Boomer by running by him at quick speed, sending him into a twirl. The second award is for 'Best Performance Disguised as a Robot', with Sonic taking the award as well, sending Sally into a twirl. The last award, 'Best All Around Freedom Fighter', is also awarded to Sonic, who dashes past the stage again, sending both Boomer and Sally into a twirl. Sonic literally ran away with all the awards.

Keep Looking Up!

Sonic reads a letter from a fan, asking at what speed Sonic's feet disappear and turn into 'blurry, spinning wheels'. To answer the question, Sonic takes off at Ultra Sonic speed, but his feet remain visible. He moves to Super Sonic speed, but his feet are still visible. He jumps to Trans-Sonic Speed, which makes his feet blurry. Without focusing on the road, he slams into a low tree branch and falls to a stop.

Fast Food

Sonic teaches the reader how to make his Chili Dog A La Sonic, only to have Sally enter the kitchen, take a coconut cream pie out of the fridge and throw it at Sonic's face.

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