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Sonic the Hedgehog #011
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Writer: Mike Kanterovich, Ken Penders
Pencils: Dave Manak, Art Mawhinney, Bill Yoshida, Barry Grossman, Victor Gorelick, Paul Castiglia
Cover artist: Dave Manak, Jon D'Agostino
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1994-06 $1.25 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #11 is the eleventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. It was released in June 1994.

This comic features three stories: The Good, the Bad and the Hedgehog; Beat the Clock, and Food for Thought.

The Good, The Bad and the Hedgehog

The Freedom Fighters, from a distance, watch on as one of Dr. Robotnik's factories pours pollutants into a river. With Sonic out fighting Scratch and Grounder, Sally Acorn uses her watch to call him over. To get there faster, Sonic decides to use the Secret Zone to the Cosmic Interstate. He arrives in a crazy world, the Cosmic Interstate, full of winding paths. He follows one, but overshoots his exit, forcing him to backtrack his way along the path. Along the way, he becomes lost and needs to find somebody to ask for directions.

He arrives at Mobius, but everything is different. He runs off to locate Sally at Knothole Village, but while looking, he stumbles upon a huge skyscraper with the initials RR on the top, and a 'Veterinary Clinic' sign at the front. He enters the building, calling out for Sally and Rotor, only to discover Dr. Robotnik, in medical garb, bandaging a rabbit. He orders many other animals around to grab Sonic and hold him. Reacting quickly, Sonic jumps out a nearby window and lands on the ground, running away from the building. Suddenly, he crashes into somebody. In his daze, he looks up to see that he has crashed into a duplicate of himself.

The two hedgehogs start spinning around eachother, this other hedgehog sporting a leather jacket and sunglasses. The real Sonic trips the other down, demanding an explanation of what's going on, having come upon this world from the Cosmic Interstate. Upon hearing those words, the other Sonic brings out a display board. He describes how the Cosmic Interstate can take anybody anywhere, and that Sonic crossed a line leading him from good to bad, and from bad to ugly. He officially welcomes Sonic to the Reverse Universe, and that he and the other Freedom Fighters fight against freedom, while their Dr. Robotnik cleans up after them as a vet. He tells Sonic that one day he'll knock over that tower of Robotnik's. Sonic, realizing he's in a real bad world, tries to run off but is tripped by the Evil Sonic.

In the normal universe, the Freedom Fighters wonder where Sonic is, while checking out the gunk that is being dumped in the area. They grow bored, with Antoine sitting aside and Rotor wondering if the gunk would be good as food.

Back in the reverse universe, Sonic tries to escape the Evil Sonic, but the other won't have anything of it. He is easily able to match Sonic's speed and races him as Sonic attempts to lose him. No matter where he runs, he just can't get rid of him, even running around the planet multiple times. Sonic, however, is a few seconds ahead Evil Sonic and runs toward the veterinary clinic. He barges in and taunts Robotnik and the animals, then running away just as Evil Sonic enter, right as the animals attack. The animals and Robotnik capture Evil Sonic in a net, when Sonic shows himself. Sonic explains the situation, clearing his name, but Robotnik wants to analyze him. Realizing he needs to get back to Mobius, Sonic leaves and returns to the Cosmic Interstate.

Sonic successfully makes it through the Interstate, with a vacuum from the reverse Robotnik, right at the location of the other Freedom Fighters, who cheer him on. He takes the vacuum and sucks all the gunk from the river. In Robotnik's base, alarms go off alerting Robotnik of Sonic's quick work on his waste dump, removing it faster than the machine can make it. The machine starts working in overdrive and is going to explode. Robotnik boards his eggmobile and evacuates right before the whole base explodes. Sally kisses Sonic for a job well done.

Beat the Clock

The Freedom Fighters, minus Sonic, are tied up and surrounded by timed explosives by Coconuts and a Swatbot. Coconuts is confident his trap will destroy Sonic, to the annoyance of Sally. This plan, however, is not planned by Robotnik, but purely by Coconuts to bring him up the list of Robotnik's top 10 people, as he's at the very bottom. He mentions how the top 3 made it to the list: Scratch keeping his own with Sonic for 16 seconds, Grounder for 17 seconds, and Bat Brain at 37 seconds. Although Sally is confident Sonic will save them in time, Coconuts thinks otherwise, as he has set up a maze for Sonic that will slow him down.

While Sonic navigates the maze, Sally wonders what is taking Sonic so long. With time not on their side, Rotor asks Sally where they place on her top 10 list. She tells them that Sonic takes all spots in her list. Suddenly, from the window of the room, Sonic hops in with a spindash (at 3 seconds to spare) and frees the Freedom Fighters with Coconuts watching in shock (2 seconds). Coconuts panics as his plan goes to ruins, then looking over at the remaining pile of explosives...which detonate. Meanwhile, Sonic and the rest of the team run off back home.

Food for Thought

It's the middle of the night, and Sonic is rummaging the fridge for a snack and an early present for a job well-done. He prepares himself a plate full of chili dogs and scarves them down, leaving him bloated. He crawls back to his bed, nauseous, but falls asleep on top of the covers.

He starts dreaming of himself as the world's fastest chili dog. He arrives back at Knothole and talks to Sally (who is an ice cream cone), who is holding a tape received from a pizza delivery guy. Sonic puts the tape into a TV, and it starts showing 'What's Cookin' Now?' by Dr. Ivo Robot-Burger (Robotnik). The tape shows Dr. Robot-Burger (who is a fat hamburger), in front of a conveyor belt introducing his recipe for preparing Kentucky Fry Tails, as Tails (french fries) is tied up on the conveyor belt. He turns on the conveyor belt, which starts to take Tails to a vat of cooking oil. After watching the tape, Sonic heads out to save Tails in Burge-tropolis.

In his lair, Robot-Burger watches on a viewer as Sonic enters his factory. He arrives at the conveyor belt, but Coconuts throws a banana peel in his path, causing him to slip and to lose consciousness. He is tied up and put on the conveyor belt instead, with Tails put aside to watch. Sonic reacts in fear as the conveyor starts, leading to a large ketchup and mustard bottle, and a grill. The fear wakes Sonic up, making him realize how chili dogs feel. From behind, Sally and Tails surprise Sonic as it is his birthday, bringing in a plate full of chili dogs. Sonic contemplates not eating them for a second, but changes his mind and eats them anyway.

Background information

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  • This is the first issue to feature the Sonic-grams section in the middle of the comic, rather than the end.
  • The credits for Beat the Clock are missing. This is rectified in issue 13's Sonic Grams, where credit is given.



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