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Sonic the Hedgehog #175
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Cover date: July 2007
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2007-05-16[1] $2.25 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #175 is the one hundred and seventy-fifth issue of the ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. The issue would be reprinted in Sonic Saga Series 3: Eggman Empire.

Official solicitation

Up until now, Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robobtnik have been fighting for one hundred and seventy four issues. Every time they've fought, Sonic has found some way to win the day. This issue, however, Dr. Robotnik pulls out all the stops, and you'll never believe what happens! It's a 175th anniversary issue fans can't miss... and one that Sonic may prefer to forget![2]


Eggman Empire

Above the skies of Knothole Village, the Egg Fleet lies in wait. In the bay of one of their ships, Dr. Eggman and Snively gloat to each about ending their 'silly little war', in an attack their enemies won't see coming.

In Freedom HQ, the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix are passing time by making small talk and playing video games. Knuckles, however, is worried about Espio, who hasn't been seen since the previous issue. Both Rouge and Julie-Su tell him to relax, while Sonic and Sally express gratitude that their lives have been relatively carefree recently.

Tails, meanwhile, retreats to the lab, opting to run a diagnostic on NICOLE, who has been running slowly. He and Rotor discuss the troubles they've been having the past few weeks, with Fiona Fox betraying the Freedom Fighters and Tommy Turtle's sacrifice. The two ultimately conclude that since they're surrounded by friends and family, they'll be fine - but they're interrupted by NICOLE, who informs them that her systems have been compromised and that they're under attack.

The roof of Freedom HQ then crumbles, with part of the ceiling falling on Rotor's back. It reveals a mech piloted by Snively, who blasts a ray that immediately vaporizes Rouge, Julie-Su, Vector and Rotor. Not long after, he vaporizes Sally, Antoine, Ray, Charmy, and Saffron. Bunnie attempts to take Snively on before being blasted, and Mighty, enraged by Ray being vaporized, puts up a valiant fight before he too is disintegrated.

Sonic is about to fight Snively, but Robotnik's nefarious nephew reveals he was only a distraction, and detonates his mech while flying away in the cockpit. Tails, Knuckles and Amy are thankfully saved from the collapsing rubble by Amy's Piko Piko Hammer, and Sonic rushes off to save Knothole from Eggman's plan…

Knothole burning.

…Only to find it already burning to the ground. Everybody in it has already been vaporized. Since Castle Acorn is the only building standing, Sonic runs towards it - in time to watch it explode. In the flames and rubble stands Dr. Eggman, in his own mech - the Egg Beater. He reveals to Sonic that his friends have only been teleported to his base, in which they are held captive inside his life energy-stealing Egg Grapes. However, he also admits that he told Snively to leave Sonic for him.

A fight then commences, with Sonic narrowly dodging Eggman's attacks. Eggman taunts Sonic about his many failures, the friends he's taken from Sonic, even his failed love life. He also claims that the war they'd fought for the past ten years was nothing more than a game to him, and that nobody ever came to help the Freedom Fighters because they know he owns them. Throughout all this, Sonic only manages to get a few hits in on the Egg Beater, which do nothing to it or its shield. Eggman, however gets several hits on Sonic, and boasts that the mech was designed to outmatch Sonic in every regard and push him past his limit.

Sonic, about to demonstrate his limit.

Sonic, in a fit of rage, scoffs at Eggman's idea of his limit, before running away. Eggman asks Snively to track Sonic, who reveals that, in a matter of seconds, the little rodent has run halfway across the continent to the east coast. Mortified, he can do nothing but hold his shield up to protect against Sonic crashing into his mech at full speed.

Upon impact, Sonic looks up to see the damage he's created… but sees that he's only caused a dent in the Egg Beater's shield. With the blue blur now tired out, Eggman easily pummels Sonic into submission, taunting him all the while. Once Sonic is thoroughly beaten into submission, Eggman snatches him up, and monologues to him about what his friends' fates will be. He tells Sonic to run as fast as he can across the world, to create a new Freedom Fighter group, and that he will find no one to help him. He then throws Sonic on the ground, and flies away, having finally beaten the hedgehog.

Sonic then sees Tails running towards him, to check if he's okay. Sonic isn't okay, but Tails then turns around to see the burning village, and he tells his best friend that Eggman has won. Sonic, however, stands up, and reminds Tails that they're still alive, and that they still have a chance to beat Eggman. He tells Tails to gather Knuckles and Amy, so they can head to Eggman's base and defeat him.

Production credits

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Background information

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  • Sega allowed Ian Flynn to have Eggman beat Sonic as long as Sonic has a quick come back.



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