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Sonic the Hedgehog #047
Writer: Ken Penders
Pencils: Pam Eklund, Jeff Powell, Barry Grossman, Justin Gabrie, Victor Gorelick
Cover artist: Patrick Spaziante, Harvo
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1997-03-19[1] $1.50 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #47 is the forty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics. It is the first part of 4 issues of the Endgame saga, leading up to the 50th issue.

This comic features one story: "Taking the Fall".

Endgame, Part 1 - Taking the Fall

Continued from issue 46.

Despite the misgivings from the night before, the Freedom Fighters, along with the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters, begin their assault on Robotropolis. Sally leads the assault, using her binoculars to locate their target outside Robotnik's base. They each reaffirm that they want to go through with the plan, so Sonic takes out a grapple hook and launches it at a catwalk outside the base. Using the grapple rope as a guide, Sonic grabs Sally and runs her up to the catwalk.

A fair distance from the base, the Lupe leads her Wolf Pack, watching Sonic and Sally's progress through her own binoculars. After notifying the others of their progress, Drago notes his displeasure that they aren't doing the work themselves. Lupe tells him to learn from what he sees and orders him to signal the other Freedom Fighters.

In another sector of Robotropolis, the remaining Freedom Fighters, along with Doctor Quack, watch Sally and Sonic's work as well. Antoine, who has the team communicator, hears it go off. He takes it out, as Drago confirms that Sally and Sonic have reached the base's catwalk and that the Wolf Pack is ready to move in. Trying to hold a position of authority, Antoine orders Drago and the Wolf Pack to remain in position until they get the signal. Bunnie and Tails don't take to this lightly, telling him to lighten up. Rotor, however, understands why Antoine can be so edgy, especially since they have to wait while Sonic and Sally continue their work.

As Sally and Sonic walk along the catwalk of Robotnik's base, Sonic notices that she has fallen behind. He looks back and notices Sally holding her head and looking confused. He asks her if she is okay, but she recovers quickly, noting that it is just the air. Sonic turns a corner along the catwalk while Sally remains behind for a bit, wondering if she is, indeed, ready for their mission. With the campfire discussion the night before, many questions raised about loyalty, but things only got more complicated later on. Before the mission, while she was sitting in her hut, Rosie approached Sally to follow her. Entering an office in Knothole, Sally came upon her father, perfectly back to normal, to her surprise. She remained shocked, wondering how he recovered so quickly, but rather than explaining, he announced that Robotnik has begun to set up for his most powerful attack to date. He also alerted her to a traitor in her midst...none other than Sonic. She remained speechless, which angered the King, seeing his daughter be weak. He ordered her to have Sonic accompany her during the mission, to ensure his loyalty. Running out of the room crying, she couldn't believe what her father had told her.

Back on the catwalk, despite her father's words, Sally still believes that Sonic would never betray them. Sonic asks her if she's ready to begin, and believing her heart, she is. She drops a rope down the wall of the building, while Sonic opens a nearby air vent. While Sonic remains on the catwalk, Sally grabs the rope and starts to descend down the wall. It doesn't take long for Robotnik to catch up on their activities, witnessing the two Freedom Fighters from his base. With Snively watching, he presses a button on a nearby console, activating four turrets in the wall of the building, leaving Sally in the middle of all of them. As the turrets start to fire on her, the Freedom Fighters are quick to notice. Rotor takes out his prototype portable large cannon, finally getting the opportunity to field test it, and fires at one of the turrets, destroying it with ease. Antoine and the others watch on, as Sally is still in danger, but notice Sonic at the top of the catwalk. Knowing he'll help Sally, the Freedom Fighters celebrate, until he takes out a swiss army knife. Antoine and the others look on again, as their hero takes the knife and starts to cut at Sally's rope. Unable to do anything, the Freedom Fighters watch as Sonic cuts the rope, sending Sally into a free-fall. She hits an awning on the way down, ultimately slamming hard to the solid ground.

The Freedom Fighters can't believe what they have seen, but know they have to get the Princess out of there. Bunnie, using her telescoping legs, runs into the city and prepares to get her out herself. She is quick to be noticed by Robotnik, as more turrets appear and take aim at her. A few shots are fired at Bunnie, but they miss. The turrets re-aim again, but before she can act, some shots from aside take out the turrets. The Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters have moved in, as they start to attack the turrets and guarding SWATbots in the area. Lupe notices Bunnie, who has reached Sally. So she orders some of her troops to help her out.

Robotnik is glad about his victory, as is Snively, but is cut short as he sees Sonic enter the room. Although Sonic issues a challenge to have their last battle, Robotnik isn't phased, activating a laser defense system in the room. With Sonic distracted by dodging lasers, Robotnik takes the opportunity to escape through an escape path with his chair. While he and Snively take a 'fun' ride down an escape chute, Sonic locates a piece of glass on a nearby console. He uses the glass to deflect a laser shot back at the weapon, successfully destroying it. Robotnik, meanwhile, at the bottom of the chute, hits a button to set off a self-destruct in the base. It isn't until then that Sonic wonders where Sally is...

Bunnie and the Wolf Pack tend to Sally, just as the command center of the base explodes. With the base destroyed, Bunnie picks up Sally and is led by the Wolf Pack to the others. With Doctor Quack along for the mission, he is quick to tend to Sally. Using a medical scanner and checking her pulse, he determines that she is still alive, but her pulse is weak. With time of the essence, he orders the group to get Sally back to Knothole ASAP. Unfortunately, their trip back to the Freedom Fighters' plane doesn't go as planned, as a squadron of SWATbots intercept them. Lupe orders the Freedom Fighters to continue on to their plane, while they distract the bots. Lupe and her Wolf Pack are able to hold the bots off, allowing the others to get to Antoine's plane. As they board, Tails wonders where Sonic is.

The plane takes off, while Tails questions everybody about what has happened to Sonic. Not long afterwards, Sonic arrives at the plane's landing location, having escaped the self-destruct of the base, wondering where Sally went. He wonders where everybody has gone, along with the plane, and, not wanting to waste time, decides to return to Knothole on his own to get his answers.

Despite his base being destroyed, Robotnik has another plan, riding his still-intact underground transit system with Snively to Robotropolis South. He and Snively quickly get off and board an elevator to the surface, not wanting to miss out on any action. They arrive at Robotnik's command center, which is covered by a glass dome and has a large console in the middle. He orders Snively to get him some oil while he uses the console to catch up on what he has missed.

Not long afterwards, in the Knothole medical center, the Freedom Fighters, along with Rosie, nervously wait in the waiting room while Doctor Quack tends to Sally. Eventually, Quack slowly opens the doors to reveal the news...

...Sally has died.

The Freedom Fighters mourn her death, just as Sonic dashes into the room, demanding to know why he was left behind. He walks in curiously, wondering why they are so quiet. He hears a familiar voice, and turns around to see Geoffrey St. John and his guards surrounding him, telling him that he is under arrest. Sonic confronts Geoffrey, thinking he is crazy and wanting to know what for. He tells him that he is under arrest for murder and treason, then ordering one of his guards to handcuff him. Tails is shocked at such an accusation, but Sonic is still confused as to what exactly is going on. Geoffrey then reveals that he had murdered Princess Sally, greatly shocking Sonic and making him call out Geoffrey as insane.

As he is led out of the medical center to be jailed, in another hut, Drago arrives home to a surprised Hershey the Cat, who wonders how his mission went. As he pours himself a drink, he tells her that Lupe and the other Freedom Fighters have no idea what is in store for them. He laughs manically, shocking Hershey.

Just outside Knothole the next day, King Acorn has Sonic brought forth in front of everybody, still handcuffed and guarded, to announce his sentencing. He starts off the hearing, announcing that he has no malice for the accused despite the murder occurring with his own daughter, then asking Sonic how he pleads for the murder of her. He proclaims that he is innocent, and that he would never kill Sally. The King expected him to say that, but is still decided over his loyalty. With Sonic's past services to the Freedom Fighters, he announces that he will forego the death penalty, but, instead, sentences him to life imprisonment on the Devil's Gulag. With the hearing complete, he orders his guards to take him away...

...all the while, Robotnik watches the hearing, laughing at Sonic's fate.

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