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Sonic Universe #54
"Worlds Collide, Part Eleven of Twelve"
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2013-07-17[1] $2.99Media:SonicUniverse Comic US 54.jpg[2] ?
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Sonic Universe #54 is the fifty-fourth issue of the Sonic Universe comic series by Archie Comics.

This issue features the eleventh part of the "Worlds Collide" crossover spanning this comic, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. The previous part is in Mega Man #27, and the next part is in Sonic the Hedgehog #251.

Official solicitation


When Worlds Collide Part Eleven: Worst of the Worst

Off Panel

Metal Sonic and Bass prepare to defeat Sonic and Mega Man with the combined power of "Metal and Bass" by playing electric guitars, though Mega Man was expecting something more like what Bass does with Treble.

Other features

  • Previously...: A brief recap of events that have happened in previous issues.
  • Who's Who?: A quick reference guide to new readers about the characters, featuring Sonic, Mega Man, Metal Sonic, Bass, Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman.
  • My Sonic Universe Fan Art: Reader-submitted fan art.

Production credits

When Worlds Collide Part Eleven: Worst of the Worst
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Off Panel
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"Worlds Collide" (Sonic/Mega Man Crossover)
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