Sonic the Hedgehog's Buddy Tails 2

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Sonic the Hedgehog's Buddy Tails #2
Writer: Mike Gallagher
Pencils: Mike Gallagher, Dave Manak, Harvo, Mindy Eisman, Barry Grossman, Scott Fulop, Victor Gorelick
Cover artist: Patrick Spaziante, Harvo
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1995-11-02[1] $1.50 ?
199x $1.65 ?
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Tails 2 is the second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series Tails mini-series, the first of three parts. It was released in January 1996.

Southern Crossover, Part 2

Continued from Tails 1.
Tails recalls the events from the previous issue, chronicling everything with his Captain Super Fox-Man persona. He leads up to his meeting of the underwater Freedom Fighters and being led to Downunda with the blue whale Fluke.

Tails is on the back of Fluke, on the way to Downunda, using the events of the day for his own comic, but he feels he has made to many historical inaccuracies (overemphasizing his roles and power). Ray the manta ray swims by, telling him not to worry about the inaccuracies. Tails then tells Ray that he didn't give him enough credit, as it was him and his Freedom Fighters which have helped him get this far, and saved him from drowning. Not long afterward, Fluke quickly rises up to take a breath, just as they arrive on the shoreline of Downunda.

Unable to go any farther, Fluke lets Tails off and they share their goodbyes. As Tails arrives on Downunda, he sets off a radar in Crocbot's lair. It notifies Robotnik of the intrusion, but ensures that Tails will not get through. With a shipment of supplies arriving to Downunda to set up Crocbot's dictatorship, Robotnik wants to make sure that Crocbot does what he can to prevent the intruder from interfering. Unknown to Robotnik, Crocbot also plans on using the equipment to, not only take over Downunda, but all of Mobius. Crocbot sends out its flying mechanical dingoes to intercept Tails and take him down. Tails, meanwhile, is filled with confidence as he rushes onto the continent, only to be rammed into by one of the dingoes. He quickly recovers and kicks it in the face. Two more dingoes rush in to ram Tails, be he quickly flies upward, causing the two robotic dingoes to slam into eachother. Unfortunate for Tails, there are too many dingoes for him to handle, so he decides to fly for the clouds for cover. He flies up, but is quickly caught by one of the dingoes, which bites one of Tails' tails. With one of his tails injured, he loses control of his flight and crashes into the ground.

He gets up, seriously injured, only to see the whole heard of mechanical dingoes surrounding him. Just as he thinks he's done for, a group of animals, calling themselves the Downunda Freedom Fighters, rush in and stop the dingoes' attack on Tails. Tails can do nothing but watch in his disoriented state as the Freedom Fighters easily dispose of the mechanical dingoes. Not all of the Freedom Fighters fight though, as Guru Emu, a hippie emu, stands back, asking his friend Wombat Stu to work out their problems by words with the enemy. Stu, however, doesn't agree, and keeps destroying the dingoes, along with the other members, Barby Koala and Duck Bill. The leader of the group, Walt Wallabee, disposes of one last dingo. The group then go over to Tails, who doesn't respond to them, being in a completely dazed state. Just as they try to help Tails, the Alpha Dingo returns and snags Wombat Stu, flying off with him. Walt takes Tails and puts him in his pouch, telling the others to go after Stu, while he goes to the 'old man' with Tails.

Back at Crocbot's lair, Robotnik reports in again, telling the bot that the blimp will be arriving shortly. He then asks about the intruder, just as Crocbot sees some of his troops returning from battle. The remaining dingoes are extremely damaged, crashing into the building, one right into Crocbot's room. To hide the failure, Crocbot covers Robotnik's monitor and cuts the transmission by destroying it. It then looks to the damaged dingo, asking about the issue, to which it replies that the Freedom Fighters damaged them. Crocbot gets angry at the prospect of failing his mission, but the dingo reports that there is still hope, as the Alpha Dingo arrives with Wombat Stu in tow. With this good news, Crocbot reinitializes communications with Robotnik, showing him Wombat Stu, tied up to the torture rack.

The time has come, and the blimp arrives at Downunda. Robotnik deactivates the cloak on it so Crocbot can see it, and get it into the hangar. With his own problems to deal with, Robotnik cuts communication, leaving Crocbot to deal with his own issues. It takes out a controller to control the external cameras, expecting Stu's friends to be coming after him. Crocbot is able to locate them, and expects them to arrive just as the supply blimp does. It snickers, just as his predictions come true, as the blimp flies over the Freedom Fighters, covering them in a shadow. They look up to see the massive blimp, heading straight for Crocbot's lair.

With Tails under good care and, after telling Walt about Robotnik's plans, Walt returns to his friends to alert them about the blimp and the supplies it is carrying for Crocbot. To prevent Crocbot from achieving ultimate power, they rush after the fortress to stop the blimp. From inside the fortress, Crocbot watches as the group march on to the fortress in their formation. Stu, however, calls out to Crocbot that he will never be able to take over Downunda. It is then that Crocbot reveals to Stu his real plan: to take control of Robotnik's forces on the blimp and take over all of Mobius. Crocbot approaches Stu, causing him to scream so loud that the others can hear him. Fearing for their friend's life, they abandon their attack plan and head for the fortress at full speed.

Meanwhile, Tails has been sent to a giant crater on Downunda by Walt. He wakes up, bandaged up from his injuries, but has no idea where he is. He looks around, noticing the large crater he is surrounded by. He hears a noise in a hole in the crater wall, so he gets off the stone he's on to investigate, but due to his injuries, he can only walk slowly to the hole. He walks in, and notices three masked beings inside: the Ancient Walkers. Another being in the shadows introduces the Ancient Walkers as Tails' forebearers. Tails instantly recognizes the being, especially the dreadlocks, thinking the being is Knuckles. The being comes out, an older echidna with a cane, stating he is not Knuckles, but Athair. He then asks if Tails is the Chosen One, claiming that Tails is now his.

Continued in Tails 3.

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  • Athair is unique, in that he is the only Archie Comics-created character to be featured in another Sonic medium. He would later be incorporated into Sonic Underground as Knuckles' great-grandfather, and the only other echidna shown in that series. He is also unique, in that he is one of the only echidnas in Archie to have not been created by Ken Penders, as this story was written by Mike Gallagher.
  • Dr. Robotnik has a Sega Genesis with a Sega CD attachment in his lair.



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