Casino Night Zone (Sonic Generations)

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Casino Night Zone (Sonic Generations)
DLC level, Sonic Generations
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: carnival/casino
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Casino Night Zone is a DLC stage for the console version of Sonic Generations, and is an adaptation of the level Casino Night Zone seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This stage is a DLC stage given out as a pre-order bonus for pre-ordering the console versions of Generations, and is less of a stage and more of a Pinball minigame, unlike the handheld version, which features this zone as a full stage in place of Chemical Plant on the console systems.

It is available as DLC for those who downloaded the Steam version for USD $1.59, GBP £0.99, EUR €1.59 or AUD $2.99.


  • The X/Square button feature differentiates between the two Sonics; The Modern Sonic gets his usual boost, whereas Classic Sonic is given 3 Spin Dashes.
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