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Game: Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS)
Level: Lava Mountain
Not to be confused with the Eggrobo badniks.

The Eggrobo is Dr. Eggman's final machine in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, designed similarly to the Death Egg Robot. Charged up from the life energy of Sonic's world that Eggman and the Zeti plundered from the Lost Hex using the Extractor, Sonic pursues this giant machine through the burning canyons of Lava Mountain in a battle similar to the Nega-Wisp Armor from Sonic Colors.

The Eggrobo does not have an official name. The mech's model is named "boss8_obj_eggrobo" in the final level's files in the PC version.


The Eggrobo fight lasts longer in the 3DS version and uses different conformations from the Wii U/PC version, each based on two Color Powers:

  • Lightning Blaster: One of the floating hands of the Eggrobo fires out a plasma beam based on the Ivory Lightning and Cyan Laser, which is avoided by moving out of the way. As he takes more damage, he will fire from both palms.
  • Burst Fireball: The mech raises its arms in the air, flinging Red Burst-influenced fireballs at Sonic that are avoided by sidestepping. Once the Eggrobo has received enough damage, Eggman will toss a larger fireball which he combines with the Indigo Asteroid; upon landing, it'll create a black hole that will instantly kill Sonic if he comes close to it.
  • Drill Arms: The mech's hands utilise the Yellow Drill to drill into the terrain, causing rocks to spike out from the ground that Sonic must maneuver around. After dealing enough damage, the drills will launch rolling boulders influenced by the Gray Quake at Sonic.
  • Opening: Having dodged enough attacks, Sonic is close enough to launch a Homing Attack, but initiating the attack is a little different in this version, as Sonic must lock-on to the arms, the legs and the chest at the same time to be able to reach Eggman's cockpit. When the Eggrobo tumbles afterwards, Sonic can unleash a charged Homing Attack to deal more damage.

As the fight draws closer to the end, the mech will drop Wisps which will encase Sonic in a shield made from the stolen life energy. Eventually, Sonic will launch a final attack on the Eggrobo, and the player is prompted to mash B as fast as they can to successfully destroy the mech and end the fight. Unlike the Wii U/PC version, Super Sonic can be used in this fight, but Sonic will de-transform for the final attack.

By defeating the Eggrobo in this version of the game, the player can gather Bronze, Silver or Gold Material based on their rank.

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