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Cool Edge
Holoska's level, Sonic Unleashed
Number of Acts: 7 (including DLC)
Level themes: winter, ocean
Boss: Dark Moray

Cool Edge and its hub town Holoska form the fourth area visited in Sonic Unleashed. Set on an ice cap with frozen caverns, Cool Edge features a sled ride, multiple water-running sections, and ice chunks that will fall and injure Sonic. Igloos, snowmen and penguins dot the landscape.

The night Act involves a lot of hurried platforming, where you may have to hang onto an icicle that's about to fall, or latch onto a pole to find out it's sinking into the water below. You're also taught to use the flamethrowing robots as weapons, and to melt ice.


Flag of Holoska

After rescuing Professor Pickle from Eggman's prison and restoring the planet fragment of Mazuri, Sonic and Chip are directed to find two new Temples of Gaia; one in Spagonia, and one in Holoska. Their first trip up north sees them recover a Gaia Key from Cool Edge Day Act 1. However, the Temple remains hidden; Sonic has to fly on to Chun-nan to look for more clues.

After restoring the Chun-nan and Spagonia fragments, Sonic can access Cool Edge Night Act 1 in order to get the second Gaia Key for the temple. The boss is the Dark Moray; defeating it allows Chip to restore the cyan Chaos Emerald and fix Holoska's planetary piece. After this, Pickle relocates to his facility in Shamar, opening the desert region and Empire City up to Sonic.

Town - Holoska

Sonic with the inhabitants of Holoska's settlement.
Covered in snow, this northern land is gripped by extreme cold and dotted with houses built out of ice.

— World map description

The daytime Entrance Stage in Holoska is where Sonic can find the Stomping Shoes, enabling him to Stomp down on the comically oversized switches which can open doors.


Jari-Pekka (ヤリ=ペッカ)- Head of the Holoska clan. He has an absolutely terrible memory: first he'll forget something; then he'll forget what he forgot and get upset; give him another minute, and he'll have already forgotten what was troubling him.

Ursule (ウルスレ)- Jari-Pekka's wife, an old lady who just loves to give. If you visit her shop, you might even find yourself walking out with stuff you didn't buy.

Jari-Thure (ヤリ=スーレ)- Sarianna's husband. He looks tough, unless his wife is around; then it's crystal clear who's in charge.

Sarianna (サリアンナ)- Jari-Thure's wife. She was once famed for her beauty (the Holoska Rose, they called her). Sarianna may seem too hard on her husband, but really, she thinks of him all the time.

Marketa (マルケッタ)- Jari-Thure and Sarianna's daughter. When she gets older, Marketa wants to marry a man just like her father: somebody who can take a lot of abuse.

Hot Dog Vendor (ホットドッグ屋)- The manager of the "Don Fachio" hot dog mega-franchise's Holoska location. As the hands down king of hot-blooded dogmeisters, it's hard to tell if his sausages are frozen from the weather or whether it's done on purpose.

Acts - Cool Edge

Main Game

Day Act 1

The level starts with a long Sonic Boost section, leading into icy half-pipes and spring-heavy 2D sections. There's plenty of opportunity to use the newly-acquired Stomp move. Sonic climbs into bobsleds several times in this level, skating along the half-pipes and even across the backs of surfacing whales!

Day Act 2

A three-lap course that sees Sonic running across the icy water surface. Copious use of Sonic Boost is required to keep momentum up and avoid sinking. Watch out for the massive icicles falling from cavern roofs.

Night Act 1

The main night act, this level has lots of big fights against hordes of Dark Gaia minions. The werehog has to jump between precarious icicles, and using the Egg Flames to melt open doorways is a required trick.

Holoska Adventure Pack DLC

The third Sonic Unleashed downloadable content is the Holoska Adventure Pack, which adds two new daytime stages, two hard versions of existing daytime stages, and two new nighttime stage. It was released on Xbox Live for 250 MS Points on 9 April, 2009 and on the PlayStation Network for $3.00 on 23 April, 2009.

Day Acts 1-2 and 2-2

Day Acts 1-2 and 2-2 are harder versions of Act 1 and Act 2, respectively.

Day Acts 3 & 4

Day Act 3 is a three-lap drift course similar to Mazuri's Act 2 Day. There is a 1:20 time limit to completing the course.

Day Act 4 is a level launching players from platform to platform, requiring use of the Sonic Boost, light speed dash, and the quirks of Sonic's aerial physics to correct themselves in midair to reach the next platform. After hitting a switch, the player must then play the level slightly altered in reverse to reach the goal.

Night Acts 2 & 3

Night Act 2 introduces a new object: a torch relic. Lighting these will open up new areas. It's a platforming-heavy level with ice-slicked paths and buzz saws abound. A more difficult level of enemy, black colored Dark Gaia minions, including dark colored Big Mothers debut here.

Night Act 3 is another platforming level, only with much more emphasis on combat. The level uses the new torch object in conjunction with placing those crystal relics from the main game in podiums to open doors and advance to the goal. Ice-slicked floors make maneuvering around difficult.

Hot Dog Trials

These missions can be accessed by speaking with the hot dog vendor in Holoska after completing the corresponding Day or Night Act. Completing a level 1 mission unlocks the level 2 mission and earns 1 Chilly Dog, completing a level 2 mission unlocks the level 3 mission and earns 2 Chilly Dogs, completing a level 3 mission earns 3 Chilly Dogs and completing all of them will unlock the Iced Hotdog Achievement.

Day Time Trial

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage in 7 Minutes
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage in 5 Minutes
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage in 3 Minutes and 30 seconds

Day Battle Trial

  • Level 1 - Destroy 20 enemies or more and finish the stage
  • Level 2 - Destroy 40 enemies or more and finish the stage
  • Level 3 - Destroy 60 enemies or more and finish the stage

Day Ring Trial

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage with 100 Rings or more
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage with 300 Rings or more
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage with 500 Rings or more

Night Time Trial

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage in 20 Minutes
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage in 15 Minutes
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage in 10 Minutes

Night Survival

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage without being able to heal
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage without being able to heal. Werehog starts with 2/3 Health
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage without being able to heal. Werehog starts with 1/3 Health

Acts - Cool Edge (PS2/Wii)

Day Acts

Tutorial Mission

  • Dive bomb the enemy with a stomp!

There is a tutorial mission for Cool Edge that teaches the player how to use the stomp technique, which is required to clear the stage.

Head for the goal!

Sonic the Hedgehog
Act title: Head for the goal!
Level number: 2
S-rank requirement:
Under 3 minutes, 20 seconds
A-rank requirement:
Under 3 minute, 50 seconds
B-rank requirement:
Under 4 minutes, 50 seconds

This main act for Cool Edge day is designed very differently from its HD counterpart. The first half outside is spent entirely on the bobsled, while the rest of the stage takes place on foot inside of an ice cave with tipping ice platforms.

Extra Missions

There are five extra missions available for the Cool Edge day act on the PS2 and Wii versions. Several of them are mandatory, while the rest are secret missions found in item capsules.

  • Gather rings at top speed! - Collect 150 rings in 1 minute, 45 seconds. This mission takes place in the ice cave.
  • Don't break anything along the way! - Clear the ice cave in 1 minute, 30 seconds without breaking any of the ice.
  • Time Attack! Race for the goal! - Time Attack mission for the ice cave area of the stage.
  • Time Attack! Race for the goal! - Time Attack mission for the bobsled area of the stage.
  • Gather rings at top speed! - Collect 100 rings in 1 minute, 30 seconds. This mission takes place during the bobsled area of the stage.

Night Acts

Act I: The Aurora Snowfields

Act II: The Ice Floe

Act III: The Temple of Ice

Extra Missions

  • Battle Royale! Take on all corners! - Defeat 40 enemies in 4 minutes.
  • Break nothing en route to the goal! - Defeat the enemies to pass the barrier at the end of Act III: The Temple of Ice without breaking any ice or jars.



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