Spinner (Metal)

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Spinner (Metal)
Game: Sonic Colors
Affiliation: Eggman Empire

The Spinner (Metal)[1], also referred to as a Metal Spinner[2] is a Badnik that appears in the Wii version of Sonic Colors, and reappears in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. It is a metal variant of the Spinner enemy.


The Metal Spinner, as its name suggests, is identical to the Spinner enemy, with the key difference being its metallic body. As a result of it, this version of the Spinner is completely immune to all of Sonic's attacks. While this may seem like a threat, the Metal Spinner is relatively harmless, and is only used as a target for Sonic to chain homing attacks off of.

Because of its niche use compared to the standard Spinner, the Metal Spinner is only used in 3 levels in the game - Starlight Carnival Act 5 and Act 6, as well as Game Land Act 6-1. In Starlight Carnival Act 5, they are used at the middle and end of the stage, during sections where Sonic is expected to use the Green Wisp to hover to higher ground. Here, they are used for Sonic to climb higher if he does not have a Wisp, as well as for him to reach safe ground if he runs out of energy midair. They are used in the same way in Act 6, though here they are used throughout the entire stage.

In Game Land Act 6-1, the Metal Spinners appear only at the beginning of the stage to homing attack over a gap. They have not appeared in any Sonic game since.


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