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This is the bug list for Sonic Colours (Wii).

Behind the start in Asteroid Coaster

It's possible to get behind the start in Asteroid Coaster Act 5. Here is the glitch. It's possible that the player was meant to start further back, or it could be due to the design of the areas in Sonic Colours (see below).

3D in 2D and vice versa

Just like in Sonic Unleashed, its possible to have 3D in 2D levels and vice versa. Here is an example.

Normal physics underwater

By using the Cyan Laser Color Power in the right way, the underwater physics can be broken. It even removes the drowning countdown. Here is an example.

Reach Unused Areas

All the acts in each world are actually one very long level separated into sections by invisible walls and Goal Rings. Using well timed boosts and Wisp powers, it is possible to see unused parts of the level, that are usually used in other acts. Sometimes these sections have objects, most times they don't.

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