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General bugs

Sonic Chaos with 2 players

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Normally, Sonic Gems Collection offers two-player split-screen gameplay for Sonic Drift 2 by pressing Start on the second controller at any time, allowing a second player to control a second game screen to link up to player one's screen and play Versus mode together. While this feature is intended only for Sonic Drift 2, a bizarre oversight allows the player to start a 2-player session with Sonic Chaos, the fourth Game Gear demo unlocked in the Museum.

When starting a 2-player session for Sonic Chaos, the 5-minute time limit is reset as a second screen is displayed. However, while player 1's screen starts from Electric Egg Zone Act 3 as intended, player 2's screen starts from the Sega logo, and the emulator will only output audio from player 1's screen. As Sonic Chaos is a 1-player game, both players' screens cannot link up, thus there is little point in doing this other than player 2 being able to start a new game right away.

Not fixed in any version.

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